What Makes Amazon The Best In Technology Business?

It’s amazing year for Amazon!. Yes. As per Amazon’s latest report, the company’s growth curve appears on top gear and their future looks very promising while consider their technical ventures! In recent times, Amazon notably doing great job at following two spheres, other than their mainstream Retail business. The first profit center- AWSAmazon Web service, a cloud based service. Two..Kindle Fire!. The success of Kindle Fire is very much inventive and absolutely an overwhelming response than Amazon has predicted.

So, what do you think about this incredible success? What it makes them to bring upfront as one among the best at technical arena? Well. For me, any company or business, the success formula is very transparent and a clear streak. Like, The service your business offers, should be Simple, Cost effective, Reliable, promising and importantly, it should be users friendly!. I believe Amazon does the great job on these areas focusing these two segments and now gathering the answers in the form of success.

During this year 2012, Amazon has reported $1.5 billion revenue through their AWS cloud business alone!. This figure really sounds great and also demonstrates the positive trust the subscribers hold on their data centers and data security features towards AWS. Per Amazon, AWS cloud storage has seen 68% of growth in this period and becoming one of their best profit center platform other than the massive retail business.

We can certainly agree, Cloud is the latest hot cake on technical stream, due to its wonderful service concepts and irresistible community response for its enterprise friendly nature. For any business, its less operational cost and creates room for easy global presence!. Cloud service demand is distinctly visible through the Industry lead cloud players like, DropBox, Google, Amazon, Box.com and recent entry Cubby kind of businesses, where they already hold millions of subscribers in their wallet. Still the list is keep growing.

Indeed, AWS offers low, and pay-as-you-go pricing options for their customers with no up-front expenses which is really very attractive and creates healthier space at small business players dais. Also, AWS not forcing any long-term commitments with their customers and completely users friendly!. I would say, these key strategies are really wonderful and clean ground work towards their mission, which makes better and positive response from their customers.

The next is kindle Fire!. Just check their awesome price and simply it starts with reasonable $129! As industry standard it does comes with ergonomic style, thin design, lightweight, 1080P HD display, more importantly thousands of e-books availability for avid book lovers.! Being said, Amazon’s success formula just starts here. The reliable, Cost effective…and Amazon does prove it again like their Retail business!

With well packed tablet market and with lead players like Apple-Ipad, Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, Azus Transformer and Motorola zoom, Still Amazon could able to manage and get its amazing space for Kindle Fire and makes the gadget industry to turn their head towards this retail giant.

For any major corporate enterprises, diversified field entry is always a tricky corner, since only few can enjoy the real success. Every business needs to cross several hurdles and should face practical circumstances to ignite the success light. Considering that Angle, Amazon’s technical venture is one of the best triumph model at recent times in technical industry.Kudos to Amazon for their stupendous growth and uninterrupted success.

Do you believe Amazon will continue to dominate the cloud service and tablet segment on coming years? Just share your thoughts and views..!


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5 Responses to What Makes Amazon The Best In Technology Business?

  1. Mani – You are absolutely on the right track here!!!

    Amazon has proved to be the market leader and has shown significant presence in the online world with continuous improvements and innovations. With this online shopping experience, one would think twice before having to step out of the house and go into a store to buy their daily needs as well :-)

    Good read.
    Praveen Rajarao recently posted..Best Tech Gifts for This Holiday SeasonMy Profile

  2. Carolyn says:

    Hi Manickam, I agree with you. I’m a big fan of Amazon. I think of them first whenever I do online shopping. They generally have the best prices and you can’t beat the shipping. Amazon Prime membership has stayed at $79 since it started six years ago, even though they have improved its offerings, adding Kindle lending and Instant videos.

    I’m also a big fan of the Kindle. They have over 100,000 exclusive Kindle titles and many authors have been discovered after they were rejected by traditional publishers.

    You’re absolutely right, Manickam. I predict that Amazon will continue to have great success. I hope they can continue to be successful and profitable.
    Carolyn recently posted..Kindle Paperwhite – Easy on the EyesMy Profile

    • Hi Carolyn,

      Absolutely BIG Yes! Amazon is almost coming up like a role model for many companies and simply wonderful service all they belong.

      The Retail business community and the long business journey provides enough strength to them to enter new ventures and really a good model on tech world.

      Thanks for stopping and add values to the post.
      Manickam Vijayabanu recently posted..Tribute To The Little HeartsMy Profile

  3. Amazon was one of the pioneers in this field and continues to be so. That is clearly because it knows the pulse of the people and comes up with cool offers which are just too good to resist and brilliant marketing strategies.
    One could actually learn a lesson from them in winning over customer loyalty and maintaining them!
    Ambika Choudhary Mahajan recently posted..10 Most Undesirable, Horrible, Annnoying & Irritating Bad HabitsMy Profile

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