Top 10 suggestions for effective blog post

After you thrust down few blog posts, sometime you may feel what to write next and interesting! The more you write, the great you perceive.

Just I would like to spark your creative mind as what to blog, if you stumble upon as what’s next? Again, these are just my suggestions and you can reckon at your own style, as however you feel more comfort.  It’s a endless journey.

1.Write Strong Reviews:- If you are good at Analytics, and if you can focus on well quantified statistical data, would be better to concentrate on reviews. This is very large sphere.

Your reviews can be about anything, based on your avid interest. Just analyze industries hot products or interesting stuffs, and write your opinion as analytic review or report. Most readers love to concentrate on reviews. Like, you can try to concentrate following segments:

Books / eBook , Products , Electronic gadgets, Music / eMusic, Movies, Blogging domains, Engineering


2.Key Events / Happening:- Hey, what’s going on? At every moment something is happening around you or around the planet. Subject matter wise it may be interesting, stimulative, science occurrence, heart pounding, political issues, and sometime inconceivable incidents.

However, try to conceive the event and write your own views and share your thoughts. This will certainly keep your creative mind awake, and well connected.

3.Share Experience:- You may bought a new car, watch adrenaline pumping Indy race /or US grand slam tennis at stadium, Bought new LED TV/

mobile phone/hand held devices, baby food experience, School reviews and Food recipe like anything. Share your views and experience you did come across and felt interesting at any subject matter. When similar needs arise, your tips would be really helpful to readers to understand the consequences and to accomplish it very easier way.

4.Guest Post:- Keep connected with your fellow bloggers site, to write guest posts or invite them to write guest posts in your blog if the subject field belongs to your blog posts and contents.

Example..if you are very much ardor to write about blogging, then keep follow your fellow bloggers blog with all available mediums or social network environment to invite or to be invited for guest posts.

5.Easy Navigation:- Help and navigate your readers with easy suggestion, niche tools and handy tips. For instance, if you are an avid enthusiast of SEO or SEM techniques, write your blog posts about Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing techniques as how blogs could be optimized. Write about the stumbling blocks you had in past, or you did come across and your approach to fix those issues.

Keep well focused on subject centric key rules, and fine tuning concepts as well balanced. Provide, better insight about the pros and cons of the analytical tools and techniques, and the way how readers can improve their blogs.

6.Forums:- Create a forum page in your blog, and allow readers to create their own topics, and open discussion channels from their desired fields. This will potentially bring more traffic to your blog, since independent topics driven by readers under single podium.

7.Afiliate Marketing:-Most affiliate marketing blogs are advertising driven. Just consider to participate on affiliate programs. Basically, there are many models of affiliate marketing campaign in stream, like e-Book sales, SEO optimization tools, word press themes, Engineering products, network products, shopping cart, coupon codes and more.

Try to participate your favorite domains affiliate programs and place adds in your blog and write reviews about the products you wish to promote.

Also, affiliate marketing becomes very successful model among blogging community, and common practice , to bring down better traffic.

8.Conduct Polls:- Try polls. Polls and surveys are really interesting, and keep your blog more interactive. Most readers love to poll, if your poll question makes them interesting. Also, it allows the opportunity to readers to articulate your subject doubts and conversation.

Keep focused with interesting events, relevant your blog content or anything. For instance, Who will be Next Food Network star?, New product release, Celebrity moments, Medical or Science inventions, like..try out different topics.

Most poll plugins comes free and also you can customize as well.  You can find few free word press linked Poll plugins here: WP-Polls , polldaddy, Micropoll

9.Question Banks:- Surfing blogs and get acknowledged with latest news may become one of your daily activity. Cool.At most time, when you surf through other blogs, you might come across with many intuitive questions.

Related to the subject content, frame down your questions and doubts and create a questionnaire post to determine significant answers, views and comments from other readers. There are thousands of readers who love to answer and analyze, if your question really interesting.

10.Visual Communication:- An image or video visual can speak better rather write about it. Example, when you watch something at you tube, it always gripping you, if the visual content related to your interest. Piece of cake. Right?

We know thousands of wonderful interactive videos, suggestions, SEO conferences, blog tips, creative writings, online meetings, entertainment clips, promotional activities and many more, are spread across this medium.

Share nice video clips and comment with your views, If you could consume your quality time to search around interesting topics that you are really interested. Videos clarify more, and enhance your ideas since visual driven.

Keep Moving…Happy Blogging…!!!


6 Responses to Top 10 suggestions for effective blog post

  1. Mani – I agree with all the 10points, there are times when you really get stuck with no new ideas, it is always good to keep updated with your fellow blogger’s posts and of course guest posts are an effective means of blogging.

  2. Michael says:

    I was really struggling with blog inspiration and you have given me some real good pointers to begin to focus on for the next few posts.

  3. Liam says:

    Just the kind of post I was looking for (I just started a blog).
    Thanks for posting it.

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