A Radical Material For Light Weight Bullet Proof Gears

Bullet Proof: We know the importance and need of bullet proof materials and its wide usage at law enforcement and at military ground. Engineers keep excavating novel ways to produce light weight bullet proof materials, and there are endless research happening around the planet.

Recently a team of engineers and materials scientists from MIT and Rice university have discovered a very light weight and thin bullet proof material with the help of Nanotechnology. The invention looks very promising to carry next-gen bullet proof gears based on their test cycles and its result.

The specific type of material has called Structured polymer composite. Basically, these material can self assemble into glassy and rubbery layers. After MIT engineers research, the material has used and tested to perform ballistic test at Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies, which owned by MIT.

As test finding, The 20nm (Nanometer) think material has stopped 9mm three bullets and it seals the bullets entry way as well. That really amazing and certainly created a mile stone in the research of light weight and thin bullet proof material findings so far.

Since this process has succeed only at test lab level, still engineers have challenges ahead to create very thinner and light weight gears and body armors. But, This invention has opened many other channels to utilize the material and could be applied for commercial needs.

Indeed, engineers and scientist still testing the polymer to address, why the Nanolayer of the material is so great at dispelling the force and energy. According to engineers, The metrical can be used at space science for space craft and satellite protection to escape from micrometeorites, Jet engine turbine blades at aviation industry and others as well. Kudos to the scientist and engineers. Way to go!

What do you foresee about next-gen Nanotechnology? Just share your thoughts.

Photo / Video courtesy: Rice University


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  1. That’s an informative post indeed!

    Well, I really don’t have much idea about the subject but yes, my Dad being in the army and a few of my uncles being in the air-force, so talk about bullet proof clothes and how they are needed during war.

    I guess at our end they are still not supplied fully to the Army but they are quite close and working at making things work. Interesting video too. :)

    Thanks for sharing. :)
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