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Amazon Announces New Currency For Kindle Developers

Amazon Coin

It's really a over performing period for Amazon. Yes. Either, product bench mark or sales target, Amazon got a clear win in all aspects and absolutely a broad victory. Now add into the list, This Tuesday, Amazon has officially launched

Google Enters AdWords Credit Card Commerce

Google Credit Card

Google! The trend setter at internet arena. We know, every micro second it works harder to brand them more larger and broader. If you watch little closer, Google has numerous faces than technology, like Search Engine, Ad-Sense/AdWords advertising, Smart mobile, Tablet,

MailChimp- An Impressive Email Newsletter Campaign Tool


Do you own a small business? Are you targeting an email campaign for your product promotion? Would you like to closely follow up customers through email newsletters? Here is an interesting email newsletter tool to boost up your customer's communication.

Steps To Develop Your Business On Social Media


This is my Guest Post to Ashvini who writes lot of business articles under aks-blog, and the site has mainly focused about Entrepreneurship, Management, Employee, Sales and marketing strategies. Most of his articles are simple, intuitive, and very effective in

Apple Man-Tribute To A Legend Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

Steve Jobs

Today world lost a great creative personality who lived for passion and mentor for many people to illustrate what's passion. Steve Jobs! The Apple man. You can index Steve for many aspects, Inventor, genius, mentor, entrepreneur and Industry Icon! The term

How To Promote Products Online Effectively?


Online Promotion: Can you try to witness, How new products has been launched two decade before to reach consumers? As global theory, most manufacturers followed the concept as, Manufacturer to Distributors and finally reach consumers through retailers. Still it's a

How to be unique in affiliate marketing


Affiliate Marketing! A fascinating form of online business for product promotions, and believe most of the blogger community is well aware about these arena. Well. If you place ads through affiliate program, like amazon, Google ad sense, host gator, or

How to achieve consumer interest in business?


Consumer World: So, finally you outset your business and just need to take off. Cool. The next hammering notion would be, how to bring forward customers attention to your business. Right? For a true entrepreneurship, few key aspects and

Top 10 suggestions for effective blog post


After you thrust down few blog posts, sometime you may feel what to write next and interesting! The more you write, the great you perceive. Just I would like to spark your creative mind as what to blog, if you stumble

Role of B-Schools in successful entrepreneurship


Aspiring Entrepreneur: When you gestate about business management institutions our views and perceptions would be different for sure, primarily towards the business knowledge. Because, when you plan to invest your challenging time at B-Schools, your might conceptualize and evaluate that, the