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A.P.J Abdul Kalam – A Tribute To The Missile Man

APJ Abdul Kalam

A.P.J Abdul Kalam!. A man of simplicity, Humble, Down to earth, Visionary leader, Great science saint, Eminent Astro physics Professor, Avid atomic enthusiast, former President, Missile man, Writer, Space Scientist, Instrumentalist, Author, Poet, Orator and more...His versatility list not just

Mangalyaan – A Historic Victory On Mars Mission


Bravo ISRO..!!! Outstanding Achievement on - Mars Orbit Mission (MOM). 300 days…420 million miles and it has voyaged at a speed of 13.7 miles per second!!. One of the longest marathon mission for Indian Space Research and truly carved a

GoogleDrive Perceives Major Price Plunge


Microsoft’s SkyDrive is officially called now –OneDrive! Though there are ample no of debates milling around net about data security and safety, I see cloud business becoming more stronger than ever. On technical front, I am an avid follower of

Knock To Unlock- An Easy Way to Login Mac By IPhone


This is for Mac lovers. Do you hate to login your MacBook by constantly typing password? Hang on! Here the app which comes with fancy title - Knock to Unlock ($3.99). As the name sounds, it simply allows you to

Apple Eyes Nifty Metal Technology For Future Products


After IPhone5’s stupendous success (9million!), It looks Apple is more focused to improve its forth coming products. The million dollar question is, when the 4.8in and above series will be launched?! It's a Long wait!..Right?! Well. Though not specific to

Intuitive Smart Apps for Andriod and Apple


Text'n Drive: After Smart phones invasion, it’s quite common to hear Beeps often from SMS, Email, and voice mail during your day. But this would be little tricky and might drive you crazy when you are on highway or on the

Android Tops Ahead On Mobile OS Market For 2013


Have you ever thought Android or Apple’s iOS could extinct or drag down on market by other Smart mobile OS competitors? If you say Yes, I would like to share this interesting market study results to you. We know that

Interesting Smart Apps For Smart Android Devices


The day 1st when I bought my Samsung S3 and still, I love it and really making one of the best device I ever had. As we know it comes with numerous handy features and the availability of several thousands

YouTube Introduces A New Redesign – One Channel


The term ‘users friendly’ is well deserved for Google and its products as well. In recent times, Google keep focusing and hold an eye to increase its product range and notably most of them are awesome simple, effective and powerful.

Google Unveils Touch Screen Driven Laptop – Chromebook Pixel


Last week was very terrific to Google, Since it has added one more BIG agenda on its long product queue. Yes. This time it's for Laptop - Chromebook Pixel!. Google has launched this ground braking laptop with lot many attractive