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Hyundai Unveils NFC Driven Smart Phone Connectivity Concepts


The smart phones invasion and the charm still continues and every day is carnival at technology end. Absolutely it’s maturing an inevitable gadget for daily life. Like, you might be using it for Bank transaction, cheque scanning, ticket booking, Social

BMW Partners With MOG For ConnectedDrive Music

bmw corp

On-Demand Music: This article is related to my yesterday's post about MOG's Music!. I just happened to come across an interesting occurrence at premium automobile segment related to MOG's service. Yes! BMW of north America has announced early this Aug 2011,

Carbon Fiber -NextGen of Auto industry


Alternative Energy: As the market steadily shifts towards hybrid vehicles, alternative energy and fuel efficient vehicle concept becomes more popular among vehicle manufacturers, and also one of the crucial element to consider Nextgen automobile. Blue-Chip car makers like BMW, Audi and

Tips to buy used cars


Virroommm....!!! Buying a car is very fascinating experience and fun. If you have planned to buy a car you have three options, either going for New, Lease or used one. As we know buying new is quite expensive even we