Craigslist+ An Effective Mobile App for Online Search

This is my Guest Article to Olawale Daniel who writes technical subjects under Techatlast blog.  Techatlast concentrate more on technical subject matter, about latest gadgets, mobile phones, handheld devices and web apps from the industry leads .

Last week I have requested him about the guest article and he gladly accepted my request. You can read my entire guest post at Techatlast. Here is the abstract of the article:

Craigslist! I am pretty sure there is no need for introduction. Most of the net surfers and online shopping enthusiasts would well cognizant about this simple and amazing site for classified web search.
After iPhone, Android kind of smart phones immense success, mobile apps becomes so popular and aids a lot while on the go and people love to use these handy tools.To keep your search life more better, recently Craigslist has launched a smart phone app, Craigslist+ On The Go. A perfect tool to search your essential items over web. Continue More


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  1. Thanks for giving me so nice information on here.

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