5 Tips For Writing Creative And Interesting Tweets

This is a Guest Post from James Adams, an enthusiastic technical writer from UK, who works at Cartridge Save, UK’s top 10 office supplies and printer Cartridge company. (according to Hitwise). Being an employee, He has mainly focused on analyzing different printers, Ink Jet cartridges and printer related products.

James love to review products, design and about its technical backgrounds. Last week James requested me about Guest article at MediaCrayon, and I honestly agree and warmly invited right away. Below is his first article about – Writing tips For Creative and Interesting Tweets:

In the world of Twitter, content is king. You have only a short 140 characters to make people understand what you are trying to convey to them, as well as hope it is engaging enough that they’ll respond or retweet it. Knowing how to tweet is just as important as knowing what to tweet, so here are a few guidelines to give you a little more to go on as you try and promote yourself through this fantastic and different social network.
1.Be Easy On The Eyes: 
It can be very easy to fall into the trend of writing shorter abbreviated words to make as much as possible with your limited space, but the truth is it doesn’t look very professional. By being able to say the same thing without resorting to text shortcuts, you will come across that much more intelligent and worth retweeting.

2.ReTweet Occasionally: 
You aren’t the only person online with something interesting to say, so make sure you occasionally are retweeting things that you feel your readers might enjoy. You will find that the people that you are promoting will invariably end up promoting you as well, which means more followers for everybody.

 3.Thank People That Mention You:
The key to Twitter is that people get to feel that there is a real person behind the messages instead of the colder corporate feeling that most websites have. When someone retweets or mentions your name, make sure to thank them for that publicly. That shows them that you are a real person and not just a fact machine or another heartless business looking for attention.

 4.Real Time Tweeting: 
There are times when interesting things are happening sequentially. Whether you are at a big sporting event, watching a world premier television show, or at a convention releasing a new product. An engaging event can lead to an engaging series of tweets that tell everybody what is going on, and make them feel as if they are there. Give all of these posts the same hashtag, and you can build a great little narrative out of your experience.

People love pictures, and Twitter has done a great job of integrating the visual with the textual. If your tweet has the potential for a visual element, don’t hesitate in using it! That simple little picture could mean the difference in your post being smiled at and ignored, and passed around so everybody can see this amazing adventure or product!
Hopefully these tips help, but the greatest asset is going to be observation. Make sure to read other people’s tweets and see what you like. There are enough people out there that are going to be interested in what you say, but the only way for people to see you is for you to openly interact with them.

Every tweet you make is exposure to yourself, your product, and your personal brand. It doesn’t matter if your twitter account is entirely personal or related in promoting your work, following these simple tips should start helping you get followers in no time.

Author Bio: An enthusiastic employee of a British Printer cartridge shop, James is currently working on a project that involves Lexmark Toners. When he isn’t reviewing products, he enjoys writing about technology and design.


6 Responses to 5 Tips For Writing Creative And Interesting Tweets

  1. Great points.  Following these guidelines will help anyone be a better Twitterer.  I need to do more picture tweets.  It’s a great way to stand out from the crowd on Twitter where most of what you get are text and links.

    Thanks for the ideas.


  2. Nice tips here James. I was reading some article the other day about the Twitter has something similar to the latest FB Ticker, but is hidden in the account profile pages, which they will definitely plan to bring it to the dashboard. 

  3. Manickam Vijayabanu says:

    Hi Ashvini, Thanks for your visit and wonderful comment. Yes. James has pointed very well about tweeting with Intuitive methods and all credit goes to him :)

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