Gmail Offline-An Innovative Concept from Google

Gmail offline: Last week was very hectic to Google since they launched Gmail offline Beta version as scheduled. Google very much intense on this segment during Gmail tablet release period and open offline channel as expected and paved path for new era in emailing concepts. Google! Always a trend setter in web app concepts and the way it helps the community is very simple and yet extremely powerful though business perspective it gains incredible benefits. Let’s see how we can use of this tool.

Gmail Offline concept denotes that, allowing mails to be read, search down your mailbox, archived and responded to mails without having network or internet access. Very much impressive!. When you consider web based applications and tools the first wonderful thought would be on the go and no matter where ever you have located, world is connected.

But, there would be circumstances where no internet connectivity like traveling by a plane, train, car, down network and service provider maintenance and so on, there you can expect Gmail offline would help immensely and doesn’t slow down your everyday activity.

Gmail Offline app from Chrome Web Store and powered by HTML5 engine. HTML5 become latest entry into web arena and lot of apps under development to use best of it features. Per Google, the Gmail offline app has created for Gmail web app for tablets, where their built in functions work without internet connections and technically not new and into the steam already.

Technically, the delicate task for Gmail would be, how efficiently the local system offline data get Synchronized to online account may become more crucial. Google may need to acquire enough attention at these tricky corners for better performance. I believe, the tablet Gmail offline experience would help them to do better since Gmail is one of their core region. Google’s latest announcement sounds like, they are trying to extend the offline support ability to most of their web apps or cloud environment (like Google Docs, Calendar ) one by one down the line.

How to Install? Very simple and chrome web store had provided enough updates in the site. If you have already installed G-Chrome on your local, Just go to Chrome web store and get installed Gmail offline. It’s Free! Once installation done, open a new tab in Chrome browser and you can see Gmail offline radio button and select that option. Offline Gmail will be activated. By login to your Gmail account, it will open up another tab with offline setup options where it allows to archive, delete and manage your emails. Being with this mode, you can continue using Gmail even you have lost net connection.

Per Chrome web store update, Google supports all browsers for Offline Gmail which supported by Gears. Example  Firefox 3.0+, IE 7.0 and above can use this tool. Also, you can enable this feature on Safari if you are running OS X Leopard 10.5 version or older. But, According to Google, this is not a supported configuration and suggests to use other browsers.

If you wish to setup now, login Gmail account and click the gear icon in the upper-right corner and select Mail settings option. It will prompt you for mail settings screen where you can see Offline Menu option. Click the offline menu and setup will display ‘Enable offline Mail for this computer’ option. Just enable it. During this process, Gmail will try to validate your system whether you have installed any Gears tools or not. ( If you have it already no need to re install, else it would help. Just get the installation done and reboot the system.

How It works? Basically, Gmail creates a local repository for your mailbox and get downloaded in your local system. First time when you create the setup, system will try to download data from your mailbox to local computer. Download ETA is based on your mail data size and still you can monitor the Sync progress. The synchronization process is a separate thread and you can use normal Gmail activity during the process.

The whole Sync process you can control manually like pause or resume anytime according  to your need. If Sync completed will disconnect the net automatically. The Synchronized data will be available immediately, if you encounter the network disconnection and can use as normal Gmail.  All your offline activity will be queued and Synchronization will happen as automated process when the internet connection is up and available.

According to forum users initial response, there are adequate comments flooding on both positive and negative side about the performance factors, Screen interfaces, Multiple window functionality,POP account refreshment, Key board shot cut issues and so on are accounted around the net.

I would suggest, it would be better to start using the tool and make use of its functionality rather expecting full functional application since its just Beta release. Just have a try and let me know your thoughts.


8 Responses to Gmail Offline-An Innovative Concept from Google

  1. Bryce Christiansen says:

    Thanks for sharing this.  I use gmail all the time so it was very helpful to learn more about Gmail online.  I’m always searching my mail so being able to do that offline will be very useful.


  2. Debbie @ Happymaker says:

    Hi Manickam,

    I did also find this interesting.  I am not good at the technical stuff, but you do make it easier to understand.  This is appreciated many bunches.  Have been trying to figure out what is happening with the Gmail. Thanks again
    Blessing to you,

  3. Wow … its a pretty nice concept !! Great share Manickam :)

  4. Vijay says:

    I never know about the GMAIL offline till I read this post. It’s really useful I believe and going to give a try.


  5. Whale watching hawaii says:

    I am so glad you like the Gmail offline feature and found this article helpfulthank you for stopping by.its a pretty nice idea !! posh share Manickam

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