Google Enters AdWords Credit Card Commerce

Google! The trend setter at internet arena. We know, every micro second it works harder to brand them more larger and broader. If you watch little closer, Google has numerous faces than technology, like Search Engine, Ad-Sense/AdWords advertising, Smart mobile, Tablet, Deals and many more.

So, What’s the next set target commerce for Google? Banking & Finance?! Just two days before Google has announced their entry into Credit Card sphere with the business tie-up on Master card. As initial venture, the program will roll out first at UK and eventually will be extended to US soon.

As we know, Google has millions of subscribers around the planet for the famous AdWords program, and indeed the AdWords campaign is one of the key profit center business under Google’s ground. The credit card program’s main objective is to facilitate their AdWords subscribers for their payments and Track info towards the Ad campaigns. Per Google, the card program’s target audience is only from its own AdWords business community, and may slowly expanded to other segments down the line.

The credit card program’s ground work was Initiated during last year, and Google had conducted a pilot project already with their selected 1400 small businesses at United States. The program was kind of a market research and study to address, as how it could workout with their customers end. As a result, Google has acknowledged 74% of their subscribers were happy to use their card for AdWords payments. Per company, This result is the key drive for this card program.

At financial end, Google has teams up with Barclay’s group at UK and Comenity Capital Bank for US market for the card program and both from Master Card. Being said, the card program is completely focused towards AdWords business. I believe, Google may go through professional card business in future, If they acquire overwhelming response from this small seed.

From my view, this ground work should perform well, since the small business community might leverage the credit offers and promote more ads in their websites. This would ultimately increase Google ads revenue and might reflect positive numbers in their balance sheet as well.

Do you think Google at right path and could succeed at banking sector? Just share me your thoughts.


6 Responses to Google Enters AdWords Credit Card Commerce

  1. Barry Wells says:

    Hi Manickam,

    I wasn’t aware that Google were getting into the credit card scene but if i’m honest it doesn’t surprise me. I think it could be a good idea for those that use Adwords so they can keep their finances and business bills apart.

    I wouldn’t use it myself though as I’m ok as I am and with the financial struggles around the world who needs to take chances :)

    Thanks Manickam,
    Barry Wells recently posted..Gravatars, Easy As 1 2 3My Profile

  2. MediaCrayon says:

    Hi Barry,
    Welcome to MediaCrayon and happy to see you here!

    Your last sentence was real fun :) Yes. When its credit financial, we should double check since all interest % driven. So the need important.

    I believe Google would get some potential subscribers around the world, since AdWords is one of the top revenue ground to Google.

    Thanks for stopping by Barry.
    MediaCrayon recently posted..Google Enters AdWords Credit Card CommerceMy Profile

  3. Ashvini says:

    It is good as long as Google does not decide to launch Google Life Insurance or Google Bank. They have been pretty smart to keep this around their most successful product. So I consider this as more of an add on rather than actual product itself. As long as they don’t overextend themselves, they are going to do great.
    Ashvini recently posted..Last minute tweaking does not make senseMy Profile

  4. Correct Ashvini.

    On Google’s view this is new and good source of revenue generation. I believe, If this become success, would provide more confidence to Google to take next turns on financial ground.
    Let’s wait and watch :)
    Manickam Vijayabanu recently posted..IPPEA – World’s smallest Android TV DongleMy Profile

  5. They have been pretty clever to keep this around their most successful product. I believe, If this become success, would provide more confidence to search engine to take next turns on financial ground.

  6. Whale watch,
    Thanks for stopping by and your comment
    Manickam Vijayabanu recently posted..Could Engineering Automation Fetch More Light On Robotics?My Profile

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