Could Bing Outshine Google in future?

Search Engines: Recent corporate amalgamation, Yahoo online and  Microsoft Bing has pouring enough heat on the subject matter of Search Effectiveness and performance factor concerns between Google and Bing.

Though Google rules the planet past decade at search engine segment, It looks the merger bring forward more light for Microsoft’s online search market according to Experian Hitwise analysis and statistics. Experian Hitwise, nations leading research firm, on July 2011 research conveys, Bing is surpassing Google when considering the Search effectiveness.

So, What’s Search effectiveness? Does it important to know for common web surfers who just query at search engines? How it will help to improve your query needs?

Search effectiveness: Technically, Search effectiveness refers how effective a search engine is at getting visitors to click on the links, that found in search results. For instance, when you pass request at search engine, your expected result should meet out by engine, pretty close to your query search. The maximum close results you perceive, the foremost Search effectiveness could be considered. This will certainly prompt the visitors to hit the search links.

According to  Experian, Microsoft’s Bing search engine leads users to click on Web pages at a significantly higher rate than queries made through Google engine. Which sounds, the results you get in Bing has more effect than Google. Wow! Its lot for both players.

Per Hitwise results, The success rate of Bing searches by July 2011 was 80.04%, while compare to 67.56% from Google engine. The result is based on US search. The percentage of success has been defined based on search queries that resulted to navigate for a visit to website they found match.

Search Accuracy: Basically, search engines are independent crawlers by key query words. Most web surfers prefer to query single word and maximum three word at most times. The search engine algorithm try to find out the indexed pages across the web, close to the query match.

Experion Hitwise analysis enlighten that, both companies hold unsuccessful search ratio, which shows some potholes in data search accuracy, and provides greater opportunity to measure their engines for better performance down the line.

Where to focus: A common web searchers need will be simple. Just they need close match result pages, according to the query words.I believe, search engines could add more simple, users friendly tools to enhance the search flow. Like, Specialized Search, exact word match, data filters, domain specific search and so on. This will enhance visitors query data pull and result set expectations. Though Google holds few of these options currently, still users friendly interface can be incorporated for improved query search.

Search Engine Enhancement: If a web surfer ignores to click the links when the results doesn’t match, then it shows the importance of search engines optimization for search engines, and confirms the need of close attention towards quality. When considering optimization, SEO does works everywhere, including to optimize the search engines.

I perceive, The Experian Hitwise result, surely not sounds like a setback for Google or Bing’s great success on Google’s ground, rather just illustrates both search engines need more optimization for improved data accuracy and search techniques.

In my next topic I would like to discuss about, how Bing can anticipate this growth and can make use of its online search market business.

Please let me know your views and comments.


9 Responses to Could Bing Outshine Google in future?

  1. Thiru says:

    I hope the competition BTW these two will bring up new things. Informative Post Mani. Thanks

  2. Paperlogins says:

    Nice post Mani.. Interestingly Google accused Bing of stealing search results from google..

  3. Harrison Li says:

    Aha I reckon Google will still be the top number 1 no matter what, nothing chage this fact.

    • I am on
      same page based on the technical expertise G holds in past decade.
      But, I believe enhanced data search accuracy and features required
      for both players for better performance. Thanks for your visit Harrison.

  4. Aravind20rahul says:

    Hey nice article. Although you say bing has good search results google is till way ahead. It ha become a synonymous when it comes to search engine as google. People have started using google instead of saying search. It is always important to be first which makes you to take a leap over your competitors. I feel google has it and it depends on how much forward he is able to take it forward.

    • Bingo! I perceive Technology is not what you have clutched now. How you keep so advanced is the drive goal. Certainly, nobody cannot compete on Google’s fortify province. But, on the other hand, we cannot under estimate Yahoo kind of technical players since been in the sphere quite longtime. Being said, Enhanced data search accuracy and users friendly features only can take players to the summit. Thanks for your visit Aravind.

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