Online Fax Machine For Cloud Computing

Google Docs: Cloud computing makes lot of wave at technical world and Google Docs become one of the hot cake and best tool among industry critics due to its online flexibility. If you do your business at online and a broad user of Google Docs cloud environment, then this is for you.

Now you can send fax and business communications directly from your Google Docs! Keep your business communication become green and paperless office. InterFax is a company, which provides this support and does this job by simply way to makes your Google Docs as fax machine.

All you have to do, just register your account with Interfax and connect your Google Docs account and  link both the account. There are few basic settings to embed both accounts and you are done. Now your Google Docs browser can act as your fax machine and send faxes around the globe.

Interfax accepts Google Docs documents, spreadsheets and even it can send multiple fax locations at the same time (Like group of company locations)

There will be a service fee applicable and it varies depends on the destination country. The great thing to enjoy the feature would be, No phone lines needed, No need to worry about hardware,software and drivers installations. No service contract. Just simply works the similar way you do emails.

If your business mostly driven by online, It would be a great tool to tryout.


3 Responses to Online Fax Machine For Cloud Computing

  1. Prasad Gante says:

    Good one Mani…not aware of Fax option in Google Docs. Thanks for Sharing such a nice one.

  2. Free Fax says:

    Good piece of info! I’m researching about online faxes, it seems to be it today. I might try it after a little more research. Any other tips?

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