IPPEA – World’s smallest Android TV Dongle

Do you own a LCD TV at home? Would you like you upgrade your LCD as SmartTV, at just the cost of one dine-in expense? Here you go.! IPPEA.

Few months back, A California based MIPS Technologies has partnered with IPPEA and launched an innovative miniature TV Dongle which runs under Android OS. This little dongle is kind of Android driven micro PC, where it  transforms your traditional HDTV as Smart TV through HDMI input. Yes. You can run your favorite android apps on your LCD TV similar like your smart phones. Sounds  Interesting?!

The niche about this tiny dongle is, the cool design and the ability to communicate TV through HDMI port with 1080p support. Typically, it’s a micro PC at the size of USB drive!. IPPEA has officially declared that it’s the world’s first android driven micro PC which runs under Android Ice cream sandwich OS v4.0.3. The dongle does comes with important data and communication ports like USB 2.0, HDMI, Micro SD Slot  along with built in WiFi. The default inbuilt memory is 4GB for storage and online steaming.

One of the entrancing feature is, it does comes with micro SD slot where it allows users to upgrade external memory up to 32GB. So, users can stream unlimited videos, watch music via you tube apps, and can connect Picasa, Flickr kind of web albums as much they need. Users also can download all android driven games and can play similar like their smart mobile with just few taps on the LCD screen.

About installation, it’s very simple and few easy steps. You can use your existing home internet connection and just have to plug the dongle on your HDMI TV port. After few setup prompts you can start enjoy the unlimited android features. Indeed, It allows you to enjoy as what you get on your smart phone. Or on other way, A Smart phone has apps and now your LCD TV too.

This micro dongle does comes with USB power cable and Micro USB extend cable as standard accessories. IPPEA offers other optional accessories as, 3D gyro wireless key mouse, HDMI extension cable and 360 degree HDMI connector, USB RJ45 and LAN adapter. So users have wide choices to connect and communicate and can make use of it.

What’s more? This petite monster is available for just $50, and interestingly no monthly fee or any other hidden costs per company site. Customers can access the company website for any product upgrades and downloads And this service is completely free!.

Would you like to have a try? Just watch this video clip from IPPEA and share your experience if you own the dongle already.


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  1. plug adapter says:

    Android OS is an operating System offered by Google It’s boom can be seen in the mobile devices….i have also a mobile with android OS. i m getting satisfaction with it’s performance.Now i m ready to IPPEA – World’s smallest Android TV Dongle too…….thank you Google….

  2. MediaCrayon says:

    Plug Adapter, Thanks for your visit and comment.
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  3. plug adapter says:

    Now i m ready for IPPEA – World’s smallest Android TV Dongle too…….thank you search engine…

  4. plug adapter says:

    I m here looking for the great comment from your side….so request you to provide the more details regarding these information.

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