MOG- A New Wave At Music For Free And On Demand

Online Music: In my previous post, I have pointed Amazon cloud player to enjoy music over cloud. Yet another interesting tool for music lovers and an one stop solution for all your music needs. MOG! It’s an award winning service and appraised by many industry critics for its outstanding performance, streaming quality, and support.

If you are well aware about Pandora, This service works similar mode, But offered with lot of enhanced features and interestingly, Thousands of songs are available for free streaming and to download as well. Yahoo!

Watch out their music inventory! 12 million tracks! There are free and on demand tracks with completely ad-free subscription option! Just get rid of all commercial distractions at FM radio or other subscribed channels, and enjoy your favorite artist alone at any time.

Technically, MOG has created a wider space to enjoy your favorites music by multiple ways, Like you can listen at your local computer, smart phones and also in car while on the go. Everything comes under one roof and just choose your mode to listen and enjoy. Paid subscribers can enjoy unlimited downloads, on-demand streaming, MOG radio and Mobile streaming.

If you are a person who hangs out adequately at downloads or Synchronize multiple devices for music, Surely you can save tremendous time unless download is needed. Just simply log in and enjoy the music. MOG streams music with 320 kbps speed over online and 64 kbps at your mobile for hassle free listening experience.

Also, MOG supports  most of the smart phones (Mobile versions are paid service) like IPhone, Android, Blackberry and tablets which runs under Android OS. Separate free apps available for each smart phone models.

Technology: MOG platform has built by HTML5 engine with sophisticated web player for increased quality. Company officially recommends Google Chrome, Fire-Fox and Safari browsers for amazing music listening experience and blazing fast streaming speed. It supports both Windows and MAC OS operated systems and works great.

Music On the Go: When you hit the road, You can stream MOG by three ways. Listen by Blue-tooth, Use Auxiliary jack or Enjoy through cassette adapter. If your car and mobile has equipped with Blue-tooth, MOG will automatically stream music to your car stereo!. Auxiliary cable and cassette adapter works similar fashion, like just connect your mobile and stream the music.

Hand Pick Albums: MOG’s Music inventory and artist choices are not static and completely dynamic. Yes. MOG’s operational engine has powered by many music enthusiasts like you, and people bring fresh music everyday from different genre and are mostly editors handpicked albums who love and live with music.

Browse & Search: Very simple navigation and user interfaces. You can browse your favorite music as new releases, Editor’s Picks, Top Artist, Top Albums and Top Tracks. MOG allows you to queue the tracks and also you can create your own play list as well. All driven through simple drag and drop functionality and create as many you want.

Share: At online, sharing is always fun and fascinates very much, and that makes the real harmony. MOG allows you to link your friends through Social Networks like Tweeter, Face-book or even email and simply you can share your favorite music and play lists to your loved once. Yes.  All your friends can listen for Free!

Radio: Are you picky at songs and looking specific artist to listen? Here you go. MOG offers 100% artist only stations, which really makes you to stick with your favorite singers and you have freedom to mix the artists from each station. It’s highly customizable and penchants the stations as you wish.

Stream Through TV: How about your home TV? If your home has equipped with latest LCD / LED TV, you are all set to enjoy. Just sit back and relax.

You could stream music through internet ready widget of your home television or you can stream MOG, via any internet ready compatible devices like Blue ray players, Roku box, Google TV and other net enabled TV devices. Also, MOG supports and stream music with couple of stereo music devices as well.

I believe, If you have real zeal at music, this would be your home. Just have it a try and let me know your thoughts.


9 Responses to MOG- A New Wave At Music For Free And On Demand

  1. Hadn’t heard of mog before this post, looks good thanks!

  2. Ted says:

    Sounds like a cool music service.  I think that they are going to have a tough time competing against Pandora though.  Even though these guys might have some nice features that Pandora doesn’t, what is the real motivation for anyone to switch?  The main reason people use a service like this is because they want free music.  Aren’t you already getting that if you are a Pandora customer?  Just log in and they play music you like without you needing to attend to it.

    • Ted,

      Thanks for your visit and comment. Sure. I am on positive side to Pandora as well and this article mainly not focused to compare. When I read at forums about this tool, most people are happy about both services and also pointed, Pandora station creation and songs selection works differently when compare MOG. Being said, This article has focused to bring attention my visitors about the new service over online.

  3. Geez, I totally missed this.  Thanks for the heads up.  I love Pandora, but after a point it even starts to just repeat the same tunes.  It will be nice to be able to jump back and forth to different sources of music.


    • Bryce,
      I love your comment. True. Music is a dynamic world and we all need new flavors to rejuvenate our mind. Your search towards different music source shows your passion. I am happy about it. Thanks for your visit and glad you found this useful.

  4. Looks cool, Pandora might take a hit with such services coming up every other day. Keep the good posts coming…

    • Yes Praveen. Music lovers often changing their artist selection and albums trend and thease services should well focused to keep them in their wallet. Latest techniques and enhanced service is the only way to satisfy consumers. Thanks. 

  5. waterproof phone case says:

    The main reason people use a service like this is because they want free music. Aren’t you already getting that if you are a Pandora business partner? this web page has focused to bring attention my visitors about the new service over online.

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