What to expect from Nanotechnology

What is Nanotechnology?

Few days before I was reading some technical blogs and did come across Nanotechnology. I was fascinated to know what’s going on there? Really interesting!. I believe many of us would well aware about this science and just I would like to visualize were it can extend the hands to build better system in future. Still I am trying to gather more information about this engineering occurrence for better updates …

Primarily, Nanotechnology is the design, structures , characterization, production, and application of devices, and systems by controlling the shape and size at the nanometer scale.

For instance we know..cm (Centimeter) , Inch, Feet, Yard, galleon and other measuring scales were we use to determine the size and volume. Same way nm (nanometer) is the scale or unit of length in the metric system for Nanotechnology. NanoTech is the short form of Nanotechnology.

Basically a nanometer (nm) is one billionth of a meter. Oops..!! Just to evaluate: A single human hair is about 80,000 nm wide, a red blood cell is approximately 7,000 nm wide and a water molecule is almost 0.3 nm across. I believe now you can envisage one nm scale could be what? Head spinning…!!

As technology grows day by day, planet earth size becomes like a period point in paper and deflating like balloon. Communication and data transport across continent becomes infinite and unimaginable. I believe, no one wouldn’t expect this exponential technical growth in all industries which makes mankind to think anything about unthinkable. Certainly, everyone should say BIG thanks to science which takes us beyond our imagination at all dimensions.

According to scientists study and forum updates…the properties of Nano materials which measured at nanoscale are accredited to two main aspects.

First, the products/or nonmaterial’s created using Nanotech have a relatively more larger surface area ( I am trying to interpret this way..For instance..currently if we store 1 million pixel colors on a surface , by applying nano science techniques we could able to store adequate pixel colors in the same surface which will renders tremendous image quality. You can imagine any instance. ) when compared to the same mass of material produced in a larger form.

This is vital to consider that, this can make materials more chemically reactive and affect their strength or electrical properties. (To study in depth of these sections please refer good science / Tech blogs and forums or Wikipedia ) Second, quantum effects can begin to dominate the behavior like..affecting the optical, electrical and magnetic behavior of materials.

Well. According to my knowledge and understating these segments are at very profound and technical level and since I would highly recommend to read more at good scientist forums and blogs to understand in detail at professional level.

What is interesting in Nanotech?

There are several industries which excitedly looking the technical growth of Nano science since it will re return the history of current flow as world follows. For instance Engineering, Medical, Agriculture , IT support, Electronics and etc., kind of industry related products were we currently access and utilize will become totally changed to equate our visualization and intuit, if we could find right technical answers using Nano science.

Nano tech is a unique combination of chemical, biological and physical properties/ attributes from different materials at nano scale(nm) level. This is opening an unique door for novel product and variant application developments in all industries were people can leverage more social and Economical benefits.

World population is increasing every second and to equate the equilibrium and connect people life style, production system and capability to feed basic requirements every country should develop and apply latest techniques to build strong enough process system were NanoTech presence would be tremendous.


For instance if we consider to fly from New York to British Columbia, if it takes approx 7 hrs duration, and in future using nano based engineering products if our aircraft re engineered we may able to reach in 60-120 minutes ( Just my funny thought!! ) would it sounds great?!, Like we can imagine enough re engineering system which will totally change our current world.

Present world industries who utilize NanoTech:

Many industries are already utilizing the immense power of Nano techniques..and few listed below:

  • Liquid filtration and Water purification system
  • Petroleum refinery industry as catalyst and catalytic converters
  • Biological imaging systems
  • Cloth stain self cleaning system in clothing industry
  • Integrated Circuit manufacturing industries

Infinite envision: Creativity is unlimited. People creativity is infinite were science celebrates the outcome when we bring it to real world. I am sure that tomorrow world would be entirely different when we utilize the Nanotech in full throttle.

I would like to foresee few spheres for immense development if Nanotech can help us to accomplish it in extensive way.

Domains were I expect Nanotech help and hands…


  • How to fragment or scrap electronic waste in a enhanced way to save planet Earth ( Few years ahead, I imagine we all can build our houses & factories only by using electronic waste & components! )
  • Micro kidney dialysis adapters were it should substitute and reduce physicians load
  • Best potential and prospective options to save Trees and grow trees with less water (!)
  • Build enhanced immune products to identify pathogens and destroy at very early seed stage / embryo level.
  • Recharge power units / circuits / transformers as embedded system driven (were batteries /or new concept should be IC / semiconductor based to replace current battery ) for hand held devices and other products by utilizing AIR / plants extract / and Solar. (Like..Recharge PDA / mobile / laptop on the fly just by changing the mode inside tools)
  • Control car’s carbon and emission production and recycle as different energy source to reuse of its own or for other needs
  • Green environment based products

As said..Creativity unlimited. Let us welcome and celebrate science marvels and magic to help our Planet Earth..!!


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  1. Good to know your interest on the subject. I am following your blog and see that you have diversified your niche from ants to cars to nanotechnology. Keep writing.

  2. Pootomsteah says:

    Yes it is a fantasy

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