Newsle – A Simple Live News Tracker Tool

Newsle! Yet another social podium. Newsle has comes up with a catchy slogan “News about your people”. So what it does? It’s is a simple online tool where it tracks a real news about your friends, colleagues and favorite personalities right from news papers, blogs and from news websites. As the tool sounds it will simply tracks the real news about them and notify you in hour time after they published across the media.

Newsle access your friends list through your Facebook, Linked-In accounts and also you can track news about your favorite actors, writers, politicians and sports personalities once you have added them on your wish list.

Also, the tool allows you to search and send news about the people who you don’t really follow, but you would likely to know them before you meet. Technically, it does the similar task as what Google Alerts offers, But Interestingly with the little help of Social platforms.

So what’s the real benefit? Simple. Live news feed support about your friends and favorite celebrities even you forgot them to followup on media. The news could be anything! Newsle just helps you to consolidate those live info across the media,and provides you as news feeds under one podium.

The typical news could be, Your favorite artist new album release, Your favorite blog might sold for grand price, Your friend might get accolade on collage cultural or could be your colleagues new business achievements. Just congratulate, share and surprise them ahead before they let you update.

Also, Newsle sends an email alerts within few hour when it finds information across the entire web. Just to recollect, When you setup your account, keep an eye on your favorite top personalities list, since your account could be flooded by unwanted news feeds.

Question for you! Since, the growing popularity for Social media is keep increasing consistently, How do you foresee the future of Social platforms and its potential impact on data exchange across media?

Just share your thoughts.


5 Responses to Newsle – A Simple Live News Tracker Tool

  1. Sounds interesting!

    Never heard of Newsle till now, though it does sound a little like PaperLi we have on Twitter – isn’t it? Though I don’t think you get live newsfeed there – I’m not too sure because I don’t have one, but I do see people who put up my blog posts on their paper.

    Heading right over to check it out though – thanks for sharing and letting us know about it. :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted..Why Can’t Men and Women Be FriendsMy Profile

    • Hi Harleena,

      Happy to see here and Welcome to MediaCrayon!

      Yes. Your are right. Newsle works as similar as PaperLi and, the only difference, PaperLi pulls info only from Social sites, were Newsle provides right from News channel, Magazine and Social as well.

      It’s great to hear your postings got shared between PaperLi. Indeed, you posts are well deserve for that.

      Thanks for stopping by.
      Manickam Vijayabanu recently posted..Newsle – A Simple Live News Tracker ToolMy Profile

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