Google Unveils Touch Screen Driven Laptop – Chromebook Pixel


Last week was very terrific to Google, Since it has added one more BIG agenda on its long product queue. Yes. This time it's for Laptop - Chromebook Pixel!. Google has launched this ground braking laptop with lot many attractive

Interesting Smart Apps For Apple And Android


The Smart apps concept is a great entry to technology and certainly it enhances our life style. Many thanks to passionate developers and their awesome concepts whomever contributing to this sphere. Recently I did come across few interesting apps and

Amazon Announces New Currency For Kindle Developers

Amazon Coin

It's really a over performing period for Amazon. Yes. Either, product bench mark or sales target, Amazon got a clear win in all aspects and absolutely a broad victory. Now add into the list, This Tuesday, Amazon has officially launched

Samsung Debuts World’s First Curved OLED TV On CES


Samsung! Everybody knows about their prodigious performance on consumer electronics and display media technology. Either LED TV, Smart phone or even home appliance, Samsung always coming up with intuitive concepts on every release and elating moments to consumers. To add

Hyundai Unveils NFC Driven Smart Phone Connectivity Concepts


The smart phones invasion and the charm still continues and every day is carnival at technology end. Absolutely it’s maturing an inevitable gadget for daily life. Like, you might be using it for Bank transaction, cheque scanning, ticket booking, Social

Ubuntu – A New Influx To Smart Mobile Operating System

ubuntu circle

At recent time, Microsoft’s mobile OS is the hot sensational news at smart mobile sphere. The mobile market is positively on up heat, and at every year the players list is keep increasing due to its overwhelming response and consumer

Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays

Santa Claus

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone....!!! Though its a tragic year end due to many undesired things happened around the planet, still let's strive to keep our hope and courage towards positive side to disperse harmonious energy every where. Let's

Tribute To The Little Hearts

black crayon

Its truly a heart breaking news and a very saddest day in my life.! The lovely hearted life's we lost today, would never thought when they had wave their hands and kiss their parents for final goodbye. Ho God..!!! Still

Autonomous Cars – The Nextgen Auto Engineering

Google Driverless Car

Autonomous Car: Engineering sensation always fascinates. If you are an avid technology follower of Google, you might aware about their self-directed cars project. Yes. As we all know, The search engine giant has multiple technical faces, other than search engine

What Makes Amazon The Best In Technology Business?

Kindle Fire HD

It's amazing year for Amazon!. Yes. As per Amazon's latest report, the company's growth curve appears on top gear and their future looks very promising while consider their technical ventures! In recent times, Amazon notably doing great job at following