Wii Mini – An Inexpensive Console From Nintendo For Canada

Wii Mini Console

Past few years, The gaming console battle ground is up red hot between all lead players like Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. Undeniably, The blue chip gaming console makers are well focused on their flagship products upgrades, like on PS3, Wii

Kids And Smart Technology- What Impact Does Technology Have on Kids?


Smart Technology: Technical perfection and intuitive gadgets presence has entirely changed our living style. Indeed, the impact is very huge at our kids age segment. When it comes about games, IPad, Wii, PS3, Xbox360, Roku and Leapfrog kind of gaming

A Radical Material For Light Weight Bullet Proof Gears

Bullet Proof

Bullet Proof: We know the importance and need of bullet proof materials and its wide usage at law enforcement and at military ground. Engineers keep excavating novel ways to produce light weight bullet proof materials, and there are endless research

Cubby–A Gripping Cloud Tool And Data Share Service

Cubby Logo

Cloud Service! As ongoing trend, technical advances focus more at cloud based tools and services since it offers tremendous benefits for individual and business owners. As we know, Google Docs and Dropbox are offering fantastic cloud service already and millions

Could Engineering Automation Fetch More Light On Robotics?


Few weeks before, Honda’s most advanced Humanoid robot ASIMO makes a premiere appearance in Serbia at “Days Of Future” robotics festival. ASIMO is an intelligent humanoid robot with the size of four 4 feet and 3 inches height and 106

An Intuitive Cloud Concept For Image Resize

SizzlePig Image

Image Resize! When you think about web site designing, online magazines, Multimedia, blogs or any other media related services, image files are kind of eye opener, and that would speak more rather write about it. Technically, When it comes about

Newsle – A Simple Live News Tracker Tool

Newsle Logo

Newsle! Yet another social podium. Newsle has comes up with a catchy slogan “News about your people”. So what it does? It's is a simple online tool where it tracks a real news about your friends, colleagues and favorite personalities

How to Protect Smart Phones From Bad QR Codes?


These days, QR Code (Quick Response) driven mobile apps are so popular and most avid Smart mobile users love to have these apps on phone. These apps are simple, handy and helps a lot to get Quick product info when

IPPEA – World’s smallest Android TV Dongle


Do you own a LCD TV at home? Would you like you upgrade your LCD as SmartTV, at just the cost of one dine-in expense? Here you go.! IPPEA. Few months back, A California based MIPS Technologies has partnered with IPPEA

Google Enters AdWords Credit Card Commerce

Google Credit Card

Google! The trend setter at internet arena. We know, every micro second it works harder to brand them more larger and broader. If you watch little closer, Google has numerous faces than technology, like Search Engine, Ad-Sense/AdWords advertising, Smart mobile, Tablet,