XMarks- An Awesome Cloud Bookmark synchronizer


Cloud Computing: These days, cloud computing is so popular due to its hardware, software independence and broad flexibility at resource free operation. At cloud, your data has stored “in the cloud servers” and real hassle free computing experience . Most

HootSuite- An Impressive Social Network Scheduler


This is my Guest Article to Carolyn Nicander Mohr who writes lot of technical articles and about interesting tools under Wonderoftech. Carolyn is an ardent technical person and her expertise focused on advanced technology, latest gadgets, About blogging, tools, apps

5 Tips For Writing Creative And Interesting Tweets


This is a Guest Post from James Adams, an enthusiastic technical writer from UK, who works at Cartridge Save, UK’s top 10 office supplies and printer Cartridge company. (according to Hitwise). Being an employee, He has mainly focused on analyzing

Online Fax Machine For Cloud Computing


Google Docs: Cloud computing makes lot of wave at technical world and Google Docs become one of the hot cake and best tool among industry critics due to its online flexibility. If you do your business at online and a

NASA’s Kepler Discovery-A New Planet Orbits Two Stars


Kepler Discovery: Yesterday was a terrific day to space scientists since it sets new milestone in space research. Yes. Nasa's space program and Kepler mission discovered a new planet and orbiting system on space, A Planet with 2 stars! This

Why Does Twitter Shows White Whale Page?


This is my second guest article to Atish Ranjan who writes lot of technical articles under TechTricksWorld. The website mainly concentrate on SEO techniques, mobile apps, gadgets, handheld devices and also about latest technology. I am privileged to continue my

Craigslist+ An Effective Mobile App for Online Search


This is my Guest Article to Olawale Daniel who writes technical subjects under Techatlast blog. Techatlast concentrate more on technical subject matter, about latest gadgets, mobile phones, handheld devices and web apps from the industry leads . Last week I

How To Promote Products Online Effectively?


Online Promotion: Can you try to witness, How new products has been launched two decade before to reach consumers? As global theory, most manufacturers followed the concept as, Manufacturer to Distributors and finally reach consumers through retailers. Still it's a

Gmail Offline-An Innovative Concept from Google


Gmail offline: Last week was very hectic to Google since they launched Gmail offline Beta version as scheduled. Google very much intense on this segment during Gmail tablet release period and open offline channel as expected and paved path for

How to Optimize Your Page Speed On Web


Page Speed: When you think about a tool from Google, Simply terrific! Right? Yet another nice tool from Google Labs – Page-Speed. Few months back Google has launched this simple and impressive tool to ease your site's speed performance. As the