Why SEO should be important?

Why you need SEO?

Let me try to conceive this way, Like..Daily you have started posting niche contents and expecting handful of traffic to read your blog. Though quality articles related to hot topics or technology the traffic however not picking up. Also, after reading Google guild lines you have implemented Google adsence /analytics  / webmaster tools, or PCP based ad postings also in your blog to catch good traffic and still missing something. What’s going on?

I am sure you will start thinking something going wrong or leave our thoughts as traffic can happen only by destiny if readers stumble upon your blog unknowingly. But really that’s not the way search engine picks your contents and there SEO comes ahead and helps to optimize your blog. Just to remember, SEO is must not only to get ranked by Google and also from others search engines like Yahoo, Bing,  Ask,  AOL and etc.,

Indeed, I am also passing through same scenarios and started working to tune up my blog as SEO driven and still in that mission. While reading couple of SEO related sites did come across few interesting stuffs which I would like share.

Most times we fail to understand that good traffic happens not by great articles or content and happens through how you market your article. Like the kind of approach you choice to market and keep visible to the media. Because if you keep posting great articles ( what ever the domain specific) and if not market as well I am sure you chances of success would really be delayed.

For instance, let’s try simple model about this process as Tree, roots, and fruits. Just visualize if your blog become a Tree the trunk and roots would be how you keep it optimized as SEO which yields more traffic and viewers. (fruits!) The more you concentrate on your roots (Like recommended fertilizer, water, soil maintenance, Insect free zone and etc.,)  like applying right SEO techniques, tags maintenance, naming conventions, inbound link creations, niche article centric posts and etc., were all renders better insight to your blog and generate traffic.

Types of blogging:

If you look little closer the blog world there are various types of bloggers who all jumped into this ocean with full of enthusiasm and passion. The question here is  does your blog really needs Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or not?   Well. This question surely you will come across after you have washed-out your mind by some meaningful  posting and articles presentation in your blog.

In generally, there are various types of blogging patterns like..Content driven, Product driven , referral driven,  Forum driven, niche creative idea drive and etc., However, regardless of blogging types, SEO is mandatory optimization.

What’s your blog’s goal?

I believe, if you ask this genuine question you will fit any one of above blog categories. Today’s science evolution had given enough room to everyone to become a good writer and author of yourself using this virtual space. This allows people to be connected  out of sight  across the continents without any barriers.

If you able to define your blog’s goal you can address where do you want to head towards and come up with many applicable questions. Like what kind of business / people you expect to visit your blog? What’s the frequency of visitors you expect? and so on.

Basically, there are 3 major traffic patterns like – Direct, Search engine and referrals.  What’s the best to gather traffic to your blog?

Direct: Person or people does know about your site and directly search your blog. The expected traffic would be limited since your known community driven.

Search Engine: Direct search query using search engines like Google, MSN, Bing and others., Expected traffic would be infinite since search engine driven.

Referrals: Basically,This will driven by affiliate marketing or other blog community were you can write your posting and articles by references. The expected traffic would be great since large community driven and chain of links.

Optimizing your blog as SEO would be always great and essential to haul handful of traffic. Among the above three traffic types no matter what pattern you belong, making visible of your blog articles /content should be your prime goal to gather collective visitors and enough traffic as your clear road map. I conceive there are infinite no of great articles which was not exposed to the readers sphere since blog/site pages are not optimized as SEO as needed.

In general, we know users will search key words at search engines and look around first few pages for their need. One of the most important key SEO techniques would be  Specified term or Keyword. Current SEO tools suggest that meta tags keywords should be shorter or the words to ten or less.

The Meta tags of your pages should contain right keywords in place to facilitate crawler robots to index properly. Likewise image tag, H1 tag, rel=”no follow”, XML-sitemap, inbound link are few key parameters/elements and thump rules which you need to concentrate to get optimized your blog for SEO. ( Let’s discuss separate about key elements for SEO optimization )

If you could optimize your blog’s article/ contents page to be available at initial few pages of search engines, the visitors  get a chance to read your stuff and you can expect enough and handful of traffic down the road.

SEO tools:

Below are few nice tools which provides simple analysis of your blog or site based on the statistics provided by various sources and search engines such as Google, Alexa and etc. Please have a try to check you site.



Word Tracker



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