An Intuitive Cloud Concept For Image Resize

Image Resize! When you think about web site designing, online magazines, Multimedia, blogs or any other media related services, image files are kind of eye opener, and that would speak more rather write about it. Technically, When it comes about image resize, We all must familiar with MS paint and could have taken some help to resize or crop any image files for simple and quick needs.

But, At times when you have situations to resize or modify multiple image files, I believe you would need to take a help from Photo-shop, GIMP or Coral Draw kind of some professional  software tools, where you need to spend $ for software and should ready to spare your tech time. Here is an interesting tool for all your image resize needs, where it works closely with DropBox cloud service. SizzlePig!.

Where it helps? Do you own a online magazine business or web design hosting service? Do you often deal with multiple image files and image resize software’s?  Hope SizzlePig would help you to minimize your work load.

So, What SizzlePig does? Sizzlepig is a simple tool, which helps you to resize multiple image files at your required sizes and scaling with the help of your DropBox Account. Rightnow, Sizzlepig is a Beta tool and become live sooner.

The concept is simple. Just create an account with sizzlePig and define your input and output folder of your Dropbox account by connecting through Sizzlepig. You can select either full folder access or can choose private folder option according to your need.

Basically, You can create your own projects/Blue Prints at Sizzlepig, and it does offers multiple image resize functionality. Once you have defined your DropBox input and output folders, SizzlePig will continuously monitor that specific folder for inbound image files, and process them and move it into output folder. Also, It does allows you to crop and scale the images manually, if you really don’t like the compressed formats as what it offers.

The default compressed file formats can be selected either JPEG or PNG type as you desire. Besides, another cool option is, Retouch. Like, It allows you to replace existing image file with same name, where it will retain all the fine tune settings from existing setup. This is importantly useful when an image is retouched.

There are quite other features looks interesting and useful when consider time and effort. Features like Image scaling, No file size limitation, change crop, Image suffix, Fine-tune indicator looks bewitching sounds interesting and useful.

SizzlePig is going to be a paid service which is little disappointing, and you can enjoy free subscription for now since Beta version!.

Just try and let me know your thoughts.


5 Responses to An Intuitive Cloud Concept For Image Resize

  1. Adrienne says:

    That’s interesting Manickam! It sounds a little over my head since I don’t use DropBox. Don’t really have any need for it at the moment but would still like to check out the site. I know you said it’s in Beta right now and will end up being a paid site but we can enjoy while we can right!

    Thanks for sharing this and hope you’re enjoying your week.

    Adrienne recently posted..My Blogging Friends RockMy Profile

  2. Interesting indeed!

    I’ve never heard about Sizzlepig earlier than now, though yes, I do use Photoshop for my images and they turn out just the way I want.

    However, if we want to use them through DropBox then I think this would be a great choice seeing it’s features. Yes, if it had been free, more people would have gone for it. But even now when it’s in Beta, there’s no harm joining and trying it out.

    Thanks for sharing and letting us know about Sizzlepig. :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted..Do You Love the Life You LiveMy Profile

    • Harleena,

      Gald to know you like the article and found useful.

      Yes. These days technology has focus more on cloud environment since tremendous benefits at either end. It helps a lot to access data or any kind of communication to keep under one central platform with less operational cost.

      Dropbox kind of free services provides stable cloud environment and offers more room for users and Entrepreneurs.

      Thanks for stopping by.
      Manickam Vijayabanu recently posted..An Intuitive Cloud Concept For Image ResizeMy Profile

  3. Brad says:

    Very interesting, I need something like this for the line of work I am in. Do you happen to know of other sites that can do similar things?

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