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The day 1st when I bought my Samsung S3 and still, I love it and really making one of the best device I ever had. As we know it comes with numerous handy features and also the availability of several thousands of useful Android apps makes the model become more success on market. Well..One negative cornerside, it’s battery life! Real killer. No wonder that I need to power-up daily without failing even my usage is very limited. Last week, I was searching around some apps related to battery life management and end up getting other useful apps interestingly. I would like to share these apps and you may like it if your device runs by Android.

JuiceDefender: A cool Android battery saver app and its Free! Basically this app works as a job scheduler to your Smart mobile and we can completely customize as needed. Once the setup is ready and it automatically maintains the scheduler and saves your Smart mobile power tremendously. Indeed, I need to check in detail since I downloaded very recently.



The apps hold some niche features like, it intelligently checks the 3G/4G connectivity, WiFi Status and keeps it idle when not required. Also it monitors most battery draining components of your Android device as well. Once your setup is ready then you are good to go and can enjoy the extended battery life. Just have a try.

History Eraser Pro: The Smart Phone invasion has considerably increased our communication more wider then we had and maintain mobile memory cleaner and monitor cache becomes chore these days. Sometime, you could notice that your mobile would react very funky for commands or you might feel like it got hangs around somewhere. Right? Most time it happens due to memory management. ? Just try this app!. In simple, it’s a history eraser app as similar as how your PC or Laptop browser handles currently with the delete option. The app does the job by simple one Tab on screen and you can save more memory and get rid of all mobile slowdown issues.

The app does offers other history cleaning jobs as well and makes your life more easier to keep your mobile real smart towards memory. Like you can clear up your Call Log, text messages, Google Map Search History, Clipboard Data, YouTube Search History and Gmail Search History and few other tasks as well. Simply it enhances your mobile’s internal memory and helps to keep the data clean.

LookOut: Another interesting app with many useful features related to security, privacy, Data backup management and Missing Device service. Of course, This is also Free! As the name sounds it does Lookout your mobile security and comes with bundle of features. The apps high security features enables and protects your mobile from identity theft, financial fraud and helps to overcome loss of personal data at situations. As I have mentioned these apps features looks interesting to me and indeed I am going to dig more to see how it performs at real time.


Also another intuitive feature is Lock Cam. Like, If you left your mobile somewhere unknowingly, it sends a picture and location based email, if anyone who access and enters your mobile password incorrectly three times on your locked screen. So, indirectly it allows you to track based on location.

I like the feature Wipe!. Like, If your phone got lost you can still wipe all your personal and crucial data information on your smart phone all by remote through web login. This includes, contacts removal, messages, email, photos, browser history, user accounts, Social media info, Sync setting and many more to wipe out. The app allows you to wipe your Smart mobile’s SD card data as well. That sounds really interesting to be. Lock & Locate: This feature is similar to the one which available on IPhone app. Like, if you lost your mobile it allows you to lock the device remotely over web and also can send custom message to others to get your phone back easier to you.

Over to you now. Just have a try of these apps and share your thoughts.


Image Credit: JuiceDefender / LookOut


10 Responses to Interesting Smart Apps For Smart Android Devices

  1. Hi Manickam,

    These sound like a wonderful post on perfect apps for your android phone, though I’ve yet to start using any of these. I guess being always online, I rarely use any kind of phone as everyone whom I know is mostly online nowadays.

    What I liked the best out of all these was the Wipe feature, which I think is something very unique and I’ve never heard of it at all. If through web login we can remove all the finer details, nothing like it, and I think everyone should go for this app with closed eyes.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted..How to Get Kids to Listen to YouMy Profile

  2. Mayura says:

    Hi Manickam,

    Well, I’m having Galaxy Nexus and been using some of apps you mentioned mate :)

    To date, I’m stick with History Eraser. But I had to give up on JuiceDefender though. It works pretty well for my friends, but for me Battery Doctor is doing even better. May be it has to do with device and configuration :)

    LookOut is awesome indeed and it’s free. I was impressed with its Lock Cam feature. Yet I’m stick with avast (Free) there as it’s my personal preference and it’s offering a very good protection too. Try it out too Manickam, I hope you will like it too.

    Thanks for bringing ’em to attention mate :) Hope to see more here.

    Mayura recently posted..How to Enable Google+ Comments in BloggerMy Profile

    • Hi Mayura,
      it’s glad to know that you use History eraser for your blog. :)

      Yes. When I checkout JuiceDefender the features looks great and sounds interesting to me as well.
      avast..sounds interesting to me and let me surely check and try. Thanks for sharing the app info.

      These days are officially running very busy and not able to post quite often. Thanks for stopping by and add your comments on this post. :)
      Manickam Vijayabanu recently posted..Interesting Smart Apps For Smart Android DevicesMy Profile

  3. Ashvini says:

    Hi Vijay Bhai :),

    How are you ? I have s2 and frankly I love the phone.. so awesome. I guess s3,s4 would be more awesome. The android phones take up too much of battery , that is true. I would love to try each of the app that you have mentioned here. I also use mobile for FB conversations, twitter and many others and they eat up battery very fast.
    Security apps are cool too :).

    Thanks for sharing this with us . I really appreciate :)
    Ashvini recently posted..Putting yourself above your businessMy Profile

    • Hi Ashvini,
      Sorry for little late reply. It’s happy to know that you hold S2 series. I was with IPhone and moved to Samsung by S3. The battery life really very badd :(

      Yes. the security app sounds useful and interesting features :)

      Thanks for sharing info about FB convert. I haven’t used this and let me surely try :)

      Thanks for stopping by and leave your comments Ashvini.
      Manickam Vijayabanu recently posted..Interesting Smart Apps For Smart Android DevicesMy Profile

  4. Charmie says:

    Android apps have always been a facination for me as with each app comes increased reliability and efficiency. Each and every app mentioned here are very useful especially the app which cleanes the memory because my phone hangs very often with the overload of data.

    Thanks for such a great share. Surely going to bookmark this article for my future use. :)
    Charmie recently posted..Has Nokia turned Sleeky and Trendy with Nokia Lumia 925′s launch?My Profile

  5. David says:

    Hey Manickam,

    Thanks for these tools. They are all very useful apps for Android phone. However, I was really impressed by the Lookout, it’s easy to use and protective. I recommend this app to everyone worried about their mobile security.

    David recently posted..mSpy Is The Best iPhone Spy App You Will FindMy Profile

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