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Knock To Unlock- An Easy Way to Login Mac By IPhone


This is for Mac lovers. Do you hate to login your MacBook by constantly typing password? Hang on! Here the app which comes with fancy title - Knock to Unlock ($3.99). As the name sounds, it simply allows you to

Apple Eyes Nifty Metal Technology For Future Products


After IPhone5’s stupendous success (9million!), It looks Apple is more focused to improve its forth coming products. The million dollar question is, when the 4.8in and above series will be launched?! It's a Long wait!..Right?! Well. Though not specific to

Interesting Smart Apps For Apple And Android


The Smart apps concept is a great entry to technology and certainly it enhances our life style. Many thanks to passionate developers and their awesome concepts whomever contributing to this sphere. Recently I did come across few interesting apps and