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An Intuitive Cloud Concept For Image Resize

SizzlePig Image

Image Resize! When you think about web site designing, online magazines, Multimedia, blogs or any other media related services, image files are kind of eye opener, and that would speak more rather write about it. Technically, When it comes about

Newsle – A Simple Live News Tracker Tool

Newsle Logo

Newsle! Yet another social podium. Newsle has comes up with a catchy slogan “News about your people”. So what it does? It's is a simple online tool where it tracks a real news about your friends, colleagues and favorite personalities

How to be unique in affiliate marketing


Affiliate Marketing! A fascinating form of online business for product promotions, and believe most of the blogger community is well aware about these arena. Well. If you place ads through affiliate program, like amazon, Google ad sense, host gator, or

Top 10 suggestions for effective blog post


After you thrust down few blog posts, sometime you may feel what to write next and interesting! The more you write, the great you perceive. Just I would like to spark your creative mind as what to blog, if you stumble