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YouTube Introduces A New Redesign – One Channel


The term ‘users friendly’ is well deserved for Google and its products as well. In recent times, Google keep focusing and hold an eye to increase its product range and notably most of them are awesome simple, effective and powerful.

Google Unveils Touch Screen Driven Laptop – Chromebook Pixel


Last week was very terrific to Google, Since it has added one more BIG agenda on its long product queue. Yes. This time it's for Laptop - Chromebook Pixel!. Google has launched this ground braking laptop with lot many attractive

Autonomous Cars – The Nextgen Auto Engineering

Google Driverless Car

Autonomous Car: Engineering sensation always fascinates. If you are an avid technology follower of Google, you might aware about their self-directed cars project. Yes. As we all know, The search engine giant has multiple technical faces, other than search engine

Google Enters AdWords Credit Card Commerce

Google Credit Card

Google! The trend setter at internet arena. We know, every micro second it works harder to brand them more larger and broader. If you watch little closer, Google has numerous faces than technology, like Search Engine, Ad-Sense/AdWords advertising, Smart mobile, Tablet,

Gmail Offline-An Innovative Concept from Google


Gmail offline: Last week was very hectic to Google since they launched Gmail offline Beta version as scheduled. Google very much intense on this segment during Gmail tablet release period and open offline channel as expected and paved path for

Could Bing Outshine Google in future?


Search Engines: Recent corporate amalgamation, Yahoo online and Microsoft Bing has pouring enough heat on Search Effectiveness and performance factors concern between Google and Bing. Though Google rules the planet past decade at search engine segment, It looks the