Ubuntu – A New Influx To Smart Mobile Operating System

ubuntu circleAt recent time, Microsoft’s mobile OS is the hot sensational news at smart mobile sphere. The mobile market is positively on up heat, and at every year the players list is keep increasing due to its overwhelming response and consumer needs. Absolutely it’s going to be hard-edged between the lead players. Now the latest arrival for this ground – Ubuntu.

People who closely follow Desktop OS, should surely aware about Ubuntu. In short, Ubuntu is a Linux based desktop OS and completely an open source driven software which entirely available for Free!. The whole development process is taken care by company called Canonical, an UK based operations.

Per Canonical, Ubuntu OS is already running on 20million desktops and servers around the planet and the wish list is keep mounting every year per company. Typically, like windows or Mac OS, Ubuntu does everything you need it, Like it work with music, photos, videos , web streaming, Social media links, Networking, cloud service, security, password protection and File encryption etc., Other way, it’s similar as windows environment that you can use it on your PC or laptop.

Considering hardware side, Ubuntu is well compatible with lead Intel and AMD processors and they are working very closely with most hardware makers to keep it up to date for real time world. But when we think about mobile OS segment, the big question elevates about their carriers and hardware manufactures! Like are they really ready to support one more entry at smart mobile OS segment?

We know Apple’s -iOS and Google’s Android OS series are killers at current smart mobile media and simply doing awesome job. In fact , they left only very less market share to other players like Blackberry, though it offers niche features and doing good at OS side. So, where Ubuntu would be in future? When we think about competition, The ultimate enjoyment always goes to consumers, since the service providers should be in position to offer awesome features and it’s kind of an alert situation for them at every release they offer.

Ubuntu Smart mobile

With the success of Ubuntu’s desktop OS, now Ubuntu is stepping into smart phone OS and getting ready to rally with Apple, Google, BlackBerry and the next expected arrival of Fire Fox mobile OS. Also, Ubuntu announces they are planning to enter tablet segment as well. On technology side, Google’s Android is also a Linux based environment with its own app design, where it creates more curiosity to think about Ubuntu’s Linux driven mobile OS.

Recently, Canonical Founder Mark Shuttleworth confirms that, the discussions already got triggered with mobile network operators and with hardware manufactures and looks Canonical received positive response for their mobile OS venture. Also, Ubuntu confirms that, the OS would be compatible with most smart phones which can run under Android, since Ubuntu is compatible with Android board Support Package(BSP). This looks a positive side approach for manufacturers to get easily adopted with Ubuntu OS.

From my view, Though Ubuntu holds a wide exposure on desktop OS ground, it’s going to be a tough battle at mobile market, since the forerunners are already way beyond the reach and Ubuntu needs to work hard to get a substantial market share. The best example would be Nokia and HP webOS past performance and market share. HP not in the line up at all. I anticipate Ubuntu can do great job due to it’s desktop OS exposure and the Linux kernel support. When consider technology, I love the open source concept since it offers tremendous space to avid tech geeks who wish to experiment their passion to share and serve to the community. It’s right gate.

Understanding consumer’s uptrend beat and clear ground work are the key rules for success, and lets’ wait and watch Ubuntu’s progress as how they are going to perform. Do you believe Ubuntu’s mobile OS attempt would be a successful mission? Can they clutch enough market share down the road? Just share your thoughts and views.


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6 Responses to Ubuntu – A New Influx To Smart Mobile Operating System

  1. Balaji Mohandas says:

    Thanks for the update ManickG, Let the battle begin :)

  2. Mayura says:

    Hi Manickam,

    Very informative and thoughful post :)

    I was fascinated by using Linux OSes such as Fedora and Ubuntu. Well, still I love the Windows platform though. Ubuntu has been having a greater improvement thoughout last few years and the flexibility and convienience is awesome. Hoping for more changes :)

    Ubuntu mobile OS was claimed as laggy but I didn’t see any lag in mobile reviews though. I didn’t touch it so I can’t tell exactly. But it’s very rich enough to compete with Android, iOS and Windows. As it’s an open source platform, I hope they gonna take BIG names down for sure. Let’s keep eye on it and see how they gonna embrace the mobile market 😉

    Mayura recently posted..Add Descriptive Captions for Images and Photos in BloggerMy Profile

    • MediaCrayon says:

      Hi mayura,

      Welcome to Mediacrayon and happy to see here :)

      Absolutely..! I am on same page, and Ubuntu is going to play major role in Smart mobile OS market.
      I always like the open source concept since the niche features and latest technical adaptations are comes from community and not just single enterprise driven. Best example would be Java and other open source platforms.

      Also the mobile OS features looks very attractive and rich enough to compete with lead players. All they just needs is, right hardware tie-up, Good marketing strategy and lead service provider support. It will be on success row. Let’s wait and watch :)

      Thanks for stopping by and pass your comments.
      MediaCrayon recently posted..Hyundai Unveils NFC Driven Smart Phone Connectivity ConceptsMy Profile

  3. Great info to know. Keep us posted on any updates. I don’t usually get this news so I appreciate you posting it.
    Barbara Charles recently posted..How My Life Really Began In My 50’s by Adrienne SmithMy Profile

  4. MediaCrayon says:

    Hi Barbara,
    Welcome to Mediacrayon and happy to see you here. :)

    I am so glad that you like the article and found interesting and useful. Sure. Let’s keep get updated as and when new things happening on media.

    Thanks for stopping by.
    MediaCrayon recently posted..Hyundai Unveils NFC Driven Smart Phone Connectivity ConceptsMy Profile

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