Wii Mini – An Inexpensive Console From Nintendo For Canada

Past few years, The gaming console battle ground is up red hot between all lead players like Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. Undeniably, The blue chip gaming console makers are well focused on their flagship products upgrades, like on PS3, Wii and Xbox360 and ever coming out with intuitive concepts for this successful up trend market.

As Cnet update, Nintendo has sold out almost 400,000+ units of Wii-U in a very short duration and still the sales is going hot on market. Surely this sales volume sounds its incredible success at this short period. Now, Before the excitement of Wii-U launch has not yet done, Nintendo has lined up their next gaming console – Wii Mini. As the name sounds it’s going to smaller in size with very attractive price tag of 99$.

This could be little disappointing that the initial launch goes exclusive only to Canada. The official product launch will be taken place by this Dec7th 2012. Not sure about Nintendo’s market strategy for US market for this low end series. However, I believe this Christmas is going to be more fun for avid game enthusiasts at Canada. Well. Let’s have an idea as what Wii Mini offers.

Considering console’s look and tone, It’s going to be dual-tone matte finish with the textured red and black color combination. The Red looks very attractive and vibrant.

On negative side, Wii Mini is not going to have internet access!. That means, if you are already a wide Wii all time gamer, might aware about the flexibility of Netflix streaming. Like, Netflix subscribers can enjoy their subscription to steam video service though Wii, which is not possible through Wii-Mini Canada version.

There are few concealed technical reasons for this. At Canada, subscribers need to pay more for excess data streaming bandwidth and its quite expensive. At US, data streaming bandwidth is considered different by the service providers and technically ahead when consider network. So, Wii could have cut down the net access by considering these factors to bring down their console price.

Wii Remote Plus: A real fun game controller. We know about, Wii’s advanced motion control and absolutely it was a colossal victory for Nintendo. Since 2006 from the day it has launched, Wii motion control has sold out 95+ million units world wide and a huge success. Wii Mini does comes with one motion control by default with matching console’s Red color. It you wish more fun with friends and family members, Just pick up additional controls from the attractive colors like Pink, Black, White and Blue.

NunChuk: This control is a latest arrival to Wii family and the Nunchuk has inbuilt motion sensing technology similar to remote controller and comes with two buttons on the stick. Nunchuk allows you to move and maneuver characters specific to the game modules along with the Wii remote plus.

One great thing, Wii Mini is compatible with over 1300 games which exist already. If you maintain your own library, still you can make use of those games and Mini offers the best compatibility.

Gamers still can enjoy other unique accessories and can extend your fun even further. Like, Wii fitness boards, Racing wheel or old classic Wii controller pro’s. Undoubtedly fans have wide options for fun. Wii Mini does comes with game software where users can set access rights and manage easy parental control.

There are few negative corners like the network access and replaced disc loading slot and looks Nintendo has more focused to cut down their cost under $100 console. But still, for the price tag with existing games compatibility, this console is going to be a super cheap hardware and could sustain the competition for lower end play ground.

We know, Xbox 360 and PS3 bundle values and still they swim on same price stream. I don’t believe Sony would consider to release any low end consoles for affordable price, where Xbox might reckon down the line. For a family who look around cheap and inexpensive fun, Wii Mini is going to be their best bet and wonderful bargain.

Are you ready for your basement or holiday party at home? Do you expect low end gaming consoles either from Sony or Microsoft down the road?

Just share your thoughts.

Image Courtesy: Nintendo


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