Amazon Cloud Drive- Stream Your Music Over Cloud

Are you music enthusiast? Do you travel quite often and hang out more at music? Here you go! Yet another cloud tool to entertain your music passion and also to facilitate file management over cloud. Amazon cloud drive!

Few months back (Mid of May), Amazon has entered into cloud computing sphere, as primarily focusing on music domain. A simple cloud service where you can organize and maintain your music files,videos,photos and documents and can listen your songs while on the go!.

Amazon cloud drive is similar like your local hard drive which works under cloud environment. You can upload,download your favorite music, photos, videos and documents to their cloud servers and access anywhere from any computer, tablets and smart phones which runs under Android. Technically, It supports multiple systems, Windows PC, Mac and IPad kind of tablets. Currently, Amazon offers 5GB free space for all new and existing account holders and further storage available as paid service.

Amazon cloud player: The interesting concept at this service, Amazon cloud player! A simple, click & play tool. Once if you upload all your music files to cloud server space, You can login from any system or while on the go, and just listen your favorite music, using Amazon cloud player.

This works great with most browsers like Google Chrome, IE8 or above, Apple Safari and Firefox 3.5 and above. There are couple of other nice features, where it allows you to listen music real hassle free and can organize your albums over web.

Search your music: Since the free service allows you to upload unto 1000 songs, finding right song might be little tricky when needed. No worries! Simple search allows you to fetch the desired song from your list. You can search by Album, Title, Artist and Genre categories.

Browse: This is similar to search option, You can browse your entire cloud library by Album, Title, Artist and Genre categories. The default directories are Songs, Albums, Artist, Genre and still you can create your own folders and sub directories to categorize as needed. I was looking around drag and drop option to move files and couldn’t find there. Wound’s it be nice if Amazon offers drag and drop to manage files?

Amazon MP3 store: This is real cool if you shop adequate at Amazon MP3 store. If you buy any music albums via Amazon MP3 store, Those albums automatically stored at your cloud account. Just login to your account and play. No need to wait till it arrives your home. Also, you can track all your latest uploaded list, whatever you have moved in last 90 days. This will surely enhance your search experience more easy and a time saving effort.

Google Docs, which provides the functionality to share documents and files between users over cloud, were it found as very interesting and useful. Apple’s iCloud and Amazon’s cloud drive both doesn’t carry these options and surely a missing one. I believe, Amazon would incorporate this real soon.

IPhone Compatibility: Being said, Amazon music service for mobile version has launched only for Android driven smart phones to stream your music and play with cloud player! Now the issue has been resolved for iOS devices too. Unlike Android you don’t require separate app to play at IPhone, Instead you can listen via your Safari, the built in browser on iOS.

For me, Amazon’s cloud entry is not a technical monster, rather a simple and effective tool to maintain your music album, video and documents repository Over cloud for free, and may help while you commute, at home, at work or even while on vacation.


9 Responses to Amazon Cloud Drive- Stream Your Music Over Cloud

  1. Hey Manickam,

     I am not a very frequent user of cloud computing . However I find this concept really interesting. I have a few files that I consider to be important and apart from physical back , I can back these files up there in the amazon system

    Thank you for such a valuable piece of information. :)

    • Happy to see you here Ashvini. Yes. The concept looks nice and I like the streaming option. We can replicate personal MP3 albums over cloud, and surely will not missout when really needed. Thanks for your visit and comment.

  2. Sounds interesting Mani…especially when it comes to music, this will be a popular service hopefully. Of course Amazon is totally into MP3 and integrating the music bought to a cloud service and making it available to the user anywhere will make it cool. 

    • Yes Praveen. This is really nice for music lovers. When consider cloud, I am more curious on data safety and security and we need to concentrate more at backup/recovery procedures. Otherwise cloud is great technology to welcome.

  3. Thanks for your visit Thiru. Glad to know you found this interesting.

  4. I love Amazon Cloud Drive.  I was wondering if you prefer this over Google Music?


    • Hi Bryce, Happy to see you back. Thanks for letting me to point about Google Music. Frankly speaking, Though I am a Google product lover, I didn’t explore much at Google Music side. Still I need to research more.

      In my view, There is one technical benefit about to choose Amazon, is service location! Yes. Google Music now offers only for US and Amazon offers US and other European countries as well.
      Otherwise, Technically Google offers sounds great with more space (20,000 songs Free!) and of course from Google family! Thanks for your visit and comment Bryce.

  5. waterproof phone case says:

    I have a few files that I consider to be important and apart from physical back , I can back these files up there in the amazon paradigm . I am more curious on data safety and security and we want to concentrate more at backup/recovery procedures.

  6. MediaCrayon says:

    Thanks for your visit waterproof.
    MediaCrayon recently posted..Could Engineering Automation Fetch More Light On Robotics?My Profile

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