Key SEO Techniques to Increase Traffic and Page Rank

This is my first Guest Post for Atish Ranjan who writes technical articles under TechTrickWorld. I have been following this blog past couple of months and very much impressed with the subject matters they post and prefer to discuss. Last week I requested my Guest Post article and he very much acknowledged and invited to write about key SEO techniques on their podium.

I believe you will like this article and do share your thoughts and views if really helpful. Below is the summary of the article and you can continue in detail on TechTrickWorld.

Search Engine Optimization! Always fascinates blogging community since related to traffic and page ranking. Primary search engine mentors like Google, yahoo, Bing and others keep fine tuning their robot crowing process often for enhanced search.

So understating the whole process become very sizable when consider, how the page ranking works and how the crawlers index the pages, since the search concepts will differ at every engine and frequently updated by search algorithms.

I would like to consolidate and render these 12 simple SEO techniques, and surely will help to improve your page rank and acquire better possibility at being observed by the communities.

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7 Responses to Key SEO Techniques to Increase Traffic and Page Rank

  1. This is an interesting post on SEO. Thanks a ton for sharing this :)

  2. Learn Java says:

    Great article worth sharing! Thanks dude

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