NASA’s Kepler Discovery-A New Planet Orbits Two Stars

Kepler Discovery: Yesterday was a terrific day to space scientists since it sets new milestone in space research. Yes. Nasa’s space program and Kepler mission discovered a new planet and orbiting system on space, A Planet with 2 stars!

This is official confirmation by Nasa scientists on Sep15th 2011, which really set new landmark at space research.The planet has named kepler16b which has located 200 light years from earth!.

How It Looks?: Per Nasa, Kepler 16b is an unreceptive planet and the size and mass are similar to our Saturn. The planet is too cold and made up of half rock and half gas. Which means, we cannot make use of it per current study. The two main stars (Sun!) are smaller than our Sun size and mass.

A larger star which is bright and about 69 percent the mass of our Sun, and the smaller red star is just 20 percent in size. Kepler16b orbiting around both the stars at every 229 days per Nasa report. A another research sounds, there are 50 Billion Planets Habitable in Our Milky Way! Really Amazing!

Space research buffs already started comparing the discovery with the movie, Star Wars from Lucas film production which was directed by George Lucas and released during 1977, were Lucas had depicted a planet called Tatooine which had two Suns. Though it was illustrated for entertainment intention, today Lucas vision has become real and clear science invention.

Where It Drives?: Per scientists, the chances of life are always larger, if any planet rotates around only single star. Which is similar to our Sun and earth orbit model.

But, Kepler mission and discovery has opened many channels at space research, and raised questions to evaluate the orbit system which we have had followed in past decades.

I believe,the right answer would be again Science. Continue more at Nasa Site


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  1. That’s very interesting.  It’s about time we hear some good news for NASA. 


  2. Bryce,
    Happy to see you back. True. When I hear the news got amazed about 2 Sun!  Universe!. Always fascinate us J

  3. Thiru, Thanks for your visit and glad you found this interesting.

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