Climatic Wind Tunnel- A Milestone in Auto Engineering

Climatic wind tunnel: Technical occurrences leads every industry to reach summit and facilitates a lot, to achieve topnotch performance when quality does matter.

German Blue-Chip car maker, Mercedes-Benz has recently created two state-of-the-art severe weather testing facility at, STUTTGART.Germany, to make use of their upcoming vehicles. The similar setup has already implemented by other corporate auto makers Audi and BMW, to make use of their luxury vehicle lines.

Technically, the testing facility known as- Climatic wind tunnels were it allows to re generate most mother nature occurrences like heavy snowstorms, Severe hot road surfaces, hurricanes, downpour, dry desert air, drizzle, humidity of the jungle, cloudy skies,sleet and blazing sunshine like almost everything could be simulated, by simple mouse clicks. The complete testing environment could be monitored and controlled with high end systems and control units per test procedures. Awesome!

At recent times, This is totally a new experience and milestone in auto engineering, in view of new generation test patterns. Mercedes planning to utilize this facility for its upcoming fuel cell operated cars (hydrogen gas driven) and other models by year 2014 onwards. Cool. Company has completed all the production ground work for the fuel-cell car models, and planning to launch by 2014 for commercial production.

Presently, for meticulous testing procedures, company has selected various geographic locations from extreme Death Valley of Arizona, to intense Arctic regions to determine the excessive temperature as rigorous testing process.

Why Climatic wind tunnel? The primary reason of the climatic wind tunnels because, even the above said geographic regions didn’t provide enough extremes of temperature to suit its rigid testing programs. So, most blue-chip car makers eyeing this engineering occurrence, since taking auto industries to next horizon.

Now, the wind tunnels techniques could be largely utilized against most new vehicles or related components to ensure enough weather conditions robustness, at a very early stage of development. I reckon, Mercedes testing team would be on limelight, and happy to have this environment since team can hold immense statistics and reports to identify right solutions to adapt vehicles at severe weather conditions.

How it will work? Believe, The climatic tunnel can reproduce a typical snowstorm or whiteout with 124mph of wind or on the other hand, it can simulate the death valley hot road surfaces up to 150+ degrees Fahrenheit. Hooray! The car maker has considered all safety measures for the whole testing process, including special extinguish system incorporated at the facility center.

Where It Can Help? The consolidated results of climatic wind tunnel, will provide adequate possibilities to develop special downstream systems and mission critical management gadgets like blizzard sensors, low visibility control units, safety wheel tools, high heat sustainable body structures, snow swirl managements and so on.

We can assure that, the new generation tools and techniques had given wide opportunity to understand and explore unidentified roots related to severe weather conditions and laying path for next gen automobile. Lets welcome.


2 Responses to Climatic Wind Tunnel- A Milestone in Auto Engineering

  1. Balu Krishnasamy says:

    Thats sweet. If iam not wrong, Honda FCX was the first hydrogen powered fuel cell car to get rolled out of the production line and was a big failure in the US, followed by other giant players in the industry. Most of them have cancelled their funding to their R&D.
    Really wish to see the German auto makers identify the flaw and put it back on line.
    Iam going green pretty soon :)

    • Balu, Glad you like the article.
      True. Honda is pioneered this concept by 2006 and I would say that’s not a failure to concept, since still it acquires world’s best green car award by 2009. Issue I conceive, the refueling and easy availability. Presently, In US California state and Japan only holds the options to lease and refuel stations. They are closely working to increase the # significantly.

      However, auto makers will never leave this niche segment and keep an eye on it. I believe, we can expect terrific improvements down the road. Thanks – Manickam

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