Samsung Debuts World’s First Curved OLED TV On CES

Samsung! Everybody knows about their prodigious performance on consumer electronics and display media technology. Either LED TV, Smart phone or even home appliance, Samsung always coming up with intuitive concepts on every release and elating moments to consumers. To add more, A week before Samsung has introduced world’s first Curved LED TV, at LasVegas International consumer electronics show (CES) and the product’s initial review looks very inspiring!. The product launch has created a wave at technology front, and absolutely a new mile stone at home entertainment media.

Also Samsung reveals other two products on the show, Youm! A Flexible OLED Display and Samsung Evolution Kit. All it sounds like, Samsung never wants to leave their incredible place on display media segment and ever.

Samsung OLED

So, what does it offers? About Curve OLED, The TV panel is going to be curvy shape and not like a traditional LCD flat screen. Like, If you are watching a movie or enchanting visual scene with natural backdrops, or some scenic landscapes, the curvy shape adds more depth in color and contrast where viewers can feel more life like entertainment experience for sure.

The panoramic TV screen effect should leverage exciting visual watching experience and could be a great feast for audience eyes. Also, Similar to LED Edge technology, the curvy OLED become very thin like pencil depth and viewers could watch visual contents from any angle,where they can anticipate same depth and contrast on visual objects without much eye strain. Sounds interesting?!

Technically, Samsung display technology is exceedingly performing well since 2007, and becoming a hard-bitten player for its competitors. Considering LED, Year 2010-2012 is a great period for Samsung, since it has introduced lot many new concepts and niche design features as first of its kind. Most features got wide welcome from technical community and reached great at consumers as well. Other entertainment leaders like Sony, LG and Sharp are still trying to leverage and work hard to hold their space with this technical competition and real party time to consumers.

The next is, Youm Flexible! Sounds really exciting and Just watch the below launch video!. You can feel how the future display media would be. I would like to foresee, The future technology could allow us to fold/or roll a 46inch LED TV just like a table mat and believe it could fit inside your travel bag. That’s it..and you are good to go! Youm concept looks very promising to me and could change the display media world down the line.

However, Samsung can not walk alone on OLED market, since LG also launched their 55EM9700-OLED TV at the same show, and announced loudly as world’s first curvy OLED TV! Imm..The technical engagement began and really hot. Indeed, LG is the first inverter of OLED TV concept,and did introduced during last year show. Let’s wait and watch to see more updates to address their real time performance when it comes to consumers hand.

It’s your turn!. Do you believe Samsung’s Curvy OLED and Youm Flexible could change the display media industry? Just share your views..!

Image Credit: Samsung


7 Responses to Samsung Debuts World’s First Curved OLED TV On CES

  1. Hmmmm….not sure how well this will be recieved in this “flat-screen” world though. I am sure they might have done enough research before even trying to launch such a new feature, but I have to say that it is completely revolutionalizing the existing technology…
    Praveen Rajarao recently posted..Best iPhone and Android Apps for ToddlersMy Profile

  2. Mayura says:

    Hi Manickam,

    Youm is awesome :) As I believe, this is something gonna change the display media industry for sure. I know there are some researchers already have been taking step on it, but when it comes to consumer world, the revolution matters. Now with such a flexibility, consumer electronics will be reinvented and can you predict how the future mobile phones gonna be? 😉 I think everyone can now.

    Mayura recently posted..How to Use Multiple Google Accounts at OnceMy Profile

  3. Ashvini says:

    Hi Vijay,

    Long time no see :) . How have you been ? I am totally waiting for bendable screens and TVs so that I can roll them up and put in my pocket 😉 and goto a resort ;). Who would know that Samsung will beat mighty Sony in technology. Awesome :).
    Ashvini recently posted..Your level of engagement decides quality of your group or tribeMy Profile

  4. Hi Ashvini,

    Happy to see you back here :) Yes. Life is going good and indeed quite busy officially.
    Couldn’t find time to post more articles as before :)Hope you are also doing well.

    Yes. These technical inventions drives us crazy and surely a real entertainment. As you have pointed the day is not far to roll out the TV and out for vacation. :)

    Thanks for your visit and comment. :)
    Manickam Vijayabanu recently posted..Samsung Debuts World’s First Curved OLED TV On CESMy Profile

  5. I think this would be an incredible advancement in technology. Having lived in Korea for four years I’m constantly impressed with what Samsung is churning out. They’re true innovators.
    Samuel Jeffery recently posted..Why You Should Visit Swedish Lapland This WinterMy Profile

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