Google Unveils Touch Screen Driven Laptop – Chromebook Pixel

Last week was very terrific to Google, Since it has added one more BIG agenda on its long product queue. Yes. This time it’s for Laptop – Chromebook Pixel!. Google has launched this ground braking laptop with lot many attractive features and jumped into the hard-hitting Laptop battle ground. As we all know, when something comes from Google’s door its’ always unique, niche and more importantly, technically very sound. As initial review, Chromebook Pixel features looks great and holds many unique features while compare market brands. Let’s explore what Chromebook Pixel does offers.

When you think about laptop, what is your preferred features and outlook? Should be, Thin, light weight, Powerful chipset, High resolution, OS compatibility, fire wares, ports and others..Right?! When looking on Chromebook features, I believe Google has already invested enough research on these fragments very carefully and importantly on technical features.

About the models, Google does offer two versions of Chromebook Pixel. Basic and LTE Network!. Basic, which comes with WiFi and the other model does comes with Verizon LTE superfast network. Here, the noteworthy point to mention about Chromebook is it’s..Price! Yes. It does carries a heavy price tag!. The basic has tagged $1299 and the LTE price goes $1499!. Google has officially confirmed that Chromebook has not designed for every user and focused for those who widely access cloud environment.


To me, It looks like, Google is trying to target or trying to create Apple’s Macbook kind of user community down the road. However, it’s long way to go. If you are techie and your job involves with Animation, Engineering design, Architect, Graphic design , Social media or avid social blog columnist, I am sure, you would love Chromebook. On technical side, it sounds many eye catching features and the price tag may worth to consider I believe.

Screen / Display:

As first of its kind, it does offers touch screen like Laptop and tablet combo. The screen comes with Gorilla glass and would deliver extremely high resolution display since it holds amazing 4.3 million pixels on screen!. It looks, Google wants to take a leap jump over Apple’s Macbook Retina display, As Chromebook’s 12.85” touch-sensitive screen contains 239 pixels per inch! This pixel depth is absolutely wonderful! Indeed, this is way beyond the current windows series laptops available on market and twice the amount of pixel depth. Other way, It will never miss to display any images at very detail level, unless you miss it.

Other niche features which includes , The screen comes with 178° extra-wide viewing angle, Backlit Chrome keyboard, Integrated 720p HD camera and Clickable etched-glass touchpad. I believe, the touch screen you can play around as similar as your Smart phone or tablet and can perform all actions like, Touch, Pinch, Swipe on screen. Of course, some of the actions it would help to perform very quick due to the ease of touch effect. Your Google account, Cloud all are in sync and can access and share photos, videos, documents, and files across all your devices. Chromebook Pixel comes with one terabyte of cloud storage, and its free for 3 years.

Body / Design:
CromeBooks body has designed by anodized aluminum and very light weight like 3.35 lbs / 1.52 kg. Another noticeable design, it has active cooling system in place with no visible vents. This sounds pretty interesting, since the processor heat is one of the pain point with most windows driven laptop’s on any brand. CromeBooks models comes Intel i5 Processor (Dual Core 1.8GHz) with powerful integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 card. Being said, if you are an avid multimedia Enthusiast you would prefer to try.


Other noticeable features which includes, it comes with built in virus protection and also seamlessly updates every few weeks for latest. Almost worry free protection and zero maintenance. ChromeBook comes with powerful multimedia speakers which are hidden and sits under the keyboard where it adds more value to the laptop design and aesthetic look. Google promises and ensures that, it will deliver a crystal clear sound from the powerful signal processing engine and you may feel like very lively effect.

Over all, the initial product review looks really interesting and very promising when check the niche features and the real-time performance will prove about the real success. So, Let’s wait and watch.

Do you feel Chromebook Pixel could make more sensation and succeed on Laptop ground? Let me know your thoughts.


8 Responses to Google Unveils Touch Screen Driven Laptop – Chromebook Pixel

  1. Mayura says:

    Hi Manickam,

    I’ve read few reviews about Chromebook Pixel right after launching :) Chromebook is a product that used to ignore including the Chromium OS. However now it’s getting much popular, especially with the new product release.

    No vents? That sounds very interesting. I didn’t notice that though.

    The price tag is reasonable compared to other leading brands. The in-built antivirus is similar to Windows Defender on Windows 7? Mmm… Gotta check out.

    Mayura recently posted..How to Pre-Format Your Posts in BloggerMy Profile

    • Mayura,
      It’s glad to know you did come across Cromebook before.
      Yes. The current version looks quite interesting and few features sounds cool. I specifically like their Pixel resolution since Apple still monopoly on display :)

      yes. The vent option looks interesting and something new on laptop segment. Chromebook might require more time to address the real time performance and we may need to wait :)

      Thanks for your comment and visit Mayura.
      Manickam Vijayabanu recently posted..Google Unveils Touch Screen Driven Laptop – Chromebook PixelMy Profile

  2. Well written review!

    Touch Screen Driven Laptop – Chromebook Pixel – wow- seems fascinating indeed. I do need a laptop, and though this range seems way beyond, but one can at least dream of having such kind of a piece in the near future. :)

    I guess I need to forward this post to my hubby and let him see things for himself.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted..30 Top Women Bloggers of Aha!NOWMy Profile

    • Mediacrayon says:

      yes. This looks more attractive with all bells and whistles. Indeed, Azus already on market with touch screen driven laptop but still ChromeBooke features looks great.

      I think Google trying to create some wave mike Mac series. :) But its a long journey.
      Let’s wait and see how its going to perform.

      I am glad you like the article and found the post interesting :) Thanks for your comments to add more values on it. :)
      Mediacrayon recently posted..Google Unveils Touch Screen Driven Laptop – Chromebook PixelMy Profile

  3. Adrienne says:

    Hi Manickam,

    Wow, that’s one darn fancy laptop now. Too bad I bought one last summer but I doubt I would be spending this kind of money on one. That’s only because I rarely use it. I’m sure I would use it more though with all these cool features.

    Thanks for this review. I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of people dreaming about this one.

    Adrienne recently posted..Change Your Thoughts By Playing The Prosperity GameMy Profile

  4. Mani – I heard about the chrome through some reviews online, looks very interesting. Sadly i bought a Sony Vaio just a month back, else I would have maybe opted for this. The price range for both of these do not vary much :-)

    Thanks for the review.
    Praveen Rajarao recently posted..Why We Can Count on Facebook as the Best Internet Marketing ToolMy Profile

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