Knock To Unlock- An Easy Way to Login Mac By IPhone

This is for Mac lovers. Do you hate to login your MacBook by constantly typing password? Hang on! Here the app which comes with fancy title – Knock to Unlock ($3.99). As the name sounds, it simply allows you to login your MacBook just by knocking on your IPhone. To add more, You don’t need to take out the phone from your pocket, and all you need to do is, just tap twice on your IPhone screen, while you are closer to your MacBook. It automatically log-ins to your Mac without typing password on it. Hmm..sounds interesting!

You know, there is a catch. When I check Knock’s site, The app is compatible only with new Mac series like, 2011 MacBook Air, Mini, 2012 IMac, MacBook pro and later Mac Pro models. For IPhone’s, models from 4S onwards are good to go. This sounds little upset, as there are enough Mac users who owns old Mac books and the backward compatibility becoming an issue. Basically, The app expects iOS7 should be running on both ends and even if you run iOS mountain Lion, It doesn’t sufficient. Reason, Bluetooth!. Yes. Knock works using latest Bluetooth Low energy technology. (Bluetooth LE /BLE).

Apple started using this technology at very recent time, and it comes only with modern Mac’s and new IPhone models. Indeed, Bluetooth Low energy technology has been found back in 2006 by Nokia, and got merged into main Bluetooth standard by 2010. So, If you own old model Mac, technically the app doesn’t ’t compatible.Technical dependency!

So how Knock works? Knock has 2 apps which interfaces between your Mac and IPhone, where one runs at Mac side, and another on your IPhone. The Mac driven app is free and you can install it from the site through ITunes. Per site, Setup is just few simple and easy steps. One thing makes more interesting and I love it. Like, Knock doesn’t expects the app should be opened or the phone should get unlocked to tap on it. All it just requires is, the phone should be active and your Bluetooth should be on running mode. Just a simple knock creates a secure and safe connection key and instantly transmits the password to your Mac. Nice! As you know, Most apps we come across needs to be opened to make use of it. This would keep your log-in life more easy.

Also, Knock doesn’t restrict you from manual logins and you can access manually at anytime. This might surely help, when you kept your phone not closer to Mac or even while the Phone battery down situations. Just enter manually and good to go. Multiple logins? As Knock confirms, You cannot unlock multiple Macs by using one IPhone and just single logon password access. Also for Android lovers it’s a wait time as most Android phones doesn’t support and only available from Android 4.3 and later. To wrap up, If you are a heavy traffic Mac user and wish to get rid of typing password, just have it a try and you may found it be useful.

Wish to add more..? Just share your thoughts.!


8 Responses to Knock To Unlock- An Easy Way to Login Mac By IPhone

  1. Tim Bonner says:

    Hi Manickam

    Knock to unlock sounds like something I’d like to use.

    I have an iPhone but I’m not a Mac user so unfortunately it’s not going to work for me!

    I wonder if there is something similar for the iPhone to PC?

    Have a great weekend Manickam!

    Tim Bonner recently posted..Which WordPress Theme Should I Use?My Profile

  2. Samir says:

    Wow this is really awesome feature for mac. Well I’ve a MacBook pro which is really old but i love it. The post is really helpful.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Samir recently posted..Some Best Android Applications for daily lifeMy Profile

  3. Mayura says:

    Hi Manickam,

    This is a fabulous news for Mac users :) Well, of course for those who has compatible models and new iPhone devices. Having Bluetooth enabled doesn’t matter as it uses Low Energy technique. Can we hope this feature to be rolled out for older mobile devices too?

    Anyway, I was just thinking of what if someone else got the access to our smartphone? If someone has our smartphone and he knocks twice on it, then our MacBook nearby will be unlocked automatically? Or is there a security feature implemented in app to prevent the use of unauthorized users? :)

    You have a fabulous weekend there mate!

    Mayura recently posted..How to Claim Your Custom URL in Google+My Profile

    • Hi Mayura,

      That’s a good catch. When I check Knock’s site at Q/A section, Few security features looks promising.

      Like, When ever we restart the Mac, Knock won’t work automatically, until we logged once. It appears the Knock engine expects initial connection should be seamless through Mac driven.

      Another option- Unlink. When we install Mac version app, It adds a link Icon on our Mac’s menu bar. If the phone lost or stolen, user can always unlink the phone by clicking on this icon which disconnects the Mac from phone. I think this would help :)

      As we know, when situation really happens like lost/stolen, its always a good practice to wipe-out the data using remote apps, As we can safeguard and eliminate other major issues.

      Thanks for stopping by and leave your comment Mayura. :)
      Manickam Vijayabanu recently posted..Knock To Unlock- An Easy Way to Login Mac By IPhoneMy Profile

  4. Hi Vijay, This is a very cool app! You’re right, I’m not a big fan of passwords so using this app would be very cool. I usually do have my iPhone near my Mac so this would be a very handy app for me to use!

    Thanks for this very handy article.
    Carolyn Nicander Mohr recently posted..18 Inspirational Ideas for Secret Pinterest BoardsMy Profile

    • MediaCrayon says:

      Hello Carolyn,

      Happy to see you here and also your comment. :)

      Yes. When I first notice this app sounds very interesting to me as well. It’s glad to know that you widely use Mac at home and hope this app would save some of your password time :)

      Indeed, I am waiting for Android version since currently I own S3-Samsung :). Waiting time for me!.

      Thanks for stopping by and leave your comment here Carolyn. Have a great week ahead.
      MediaCrayon recently posted..Knock To Unlock- An Easy Way to Login Mac By IPhoneMy Profile

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