Android Tops Ahead On Mobile OS Market For 2013

Have you ever thought Android or Apple’s iOS could extinct or drag down on market by other Smart mobile OS competitors? If you say Yes, I would like to share this interesting market study results to you. We know that the Smart mobile market is already flooding with multiple OS choices and eye popping Smart devices. So, Let’s check some interesting statistics as how this got welcome by community on recent times.

Recently, A leading market analysis and study firm IDC (International Data Corporation) has released their mobile OS trend analysis for 1st Quarter for worldwide, and it looks Android and iOS are becoming inevitable at least for another decade, and to me, it appears giants who are on the same ladder may require tremendous energy and creativity to catch some meaningful market share down the road.

According to IDC, Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are the top two ranked OS worldwide, for the 1st quarter of 2013. Just check at this jaw dropping percentage..92.3%! The Smart mobiles sold and shipped during this period was pretty much carried either android or iOS driven devices worldwide and the rest are on single digits. The latest entry and the mobile market sensation, Windows Phone and BlackBerry shares just 3.2 and 2.9% respectively and seems some slow pickup on track. Per IDC, almost 199.5 million of devices sold worldwide for android and Apple during 1st quarter 2013 and unconditionally a tremendous success.

idc data sheet

Apple’s new marketing strategy, IPhone5, IPad, and latest iOS entry which makes clear and positive credits to Apple for capturing this 17.3% market share, where it enjoys the largest ever first quarter results when compare Apple’s past performance. When it comes to Google, Still it holds the awesome 75% of smart mobile market share on its bag pack. Yes..75%!. Question for you..! Do you think android is becoming more success and most preferred OS, either due to technically sound Smart devices availability like Samsung S3, Motorola Razr, LG series or the wide availability of android driven apps and it’s easy portability?  However, That’s one of the main trump card to consider I believe.

To me, Samsung’s Galaxy mobile series and it’s intuitive Smart mobile concepts are also one of the main reason for this incredible success and the increased users volume, though Google holds its own Motorola Razr on its wallet. Still Razr needs to travel long way to compete with these Smart device giants to see some potential market share. Per IDC, Samsung still rules the planet with its commanding 41.1% market share during this quarter of 2013 and appears this trend may continue unless Apple comes out with its Nextgen IPhone series.

In my earlier article I did mention about it. Samsung really doing amazing job on display media technology and undeniably a clear winner on Smart mobile segment. Of course, it holds many negative corners on the device, like the battery and power management is one of the killer. But, still it takes the lead due to its flexibility, Design, Features, and data portability.

idc data

It sounds like, Steve paved the path for Nextgen communication technology and Samsung just drives on the road with its own strategy and marching as winner on the track. From my view, the whole credit goes to Steve and his team for the innovative mobile concepts, and no doubt Steve the man who stands behind the touch screen and keyless phone magic which changed our world. The year 2008 was a great period on communication technology and rest we all know. History. Invention is a real birth. Not a clone.

Back to article, The question raised to me, what does Symbian, Linux, Ubuntu, and BlackBerry kind of OS breeds need to lookout now to penetrate and hard hit strongly on market? Does users friendly features and good marketing strategy will make them success? Why Samsung becoming more popular though Apple holds its long blue-chip product history?. What would be your primary focus when you incline on buying new Smart phone? Like, Device quality, Apps availability, OS features, Brand Name? Just share your views.

Image Credit: IDC


6 Responses to Android Tops Ahead On Mobile OS Market For 2013

  1. Mayura says:

    Hey Manickam,

    Awesome! I’m a pure Android fan by now, but it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like Apple though 😉

    I’ve been exposed to Android statistics as I read about market share most recently and actually Google and other mobile manufacturers doing pretty good. I can see how Google maintain their standards as they are not focused on phones and features much though they own Motorola. Way to go for ’em :)

    Samsung’s tremendous success is one of things I believe that contributed to Android. We have seen how Nokia knocked out with Windows, but still the competition is on. Hopefully I believe Microsoft will gain more market share in future and Apple needs some innovative strategies to gain more attention on ’em.

    Anyway still Gingerbread dominating the Android OS competition 😉

    You have a GREAT week there mate 😉 Hope you are busy though.

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    • Mediacrayon says:

      Hi Mayura,
      Sorry for little late response. Yes. Android keep doing great to hold its place and worth it.

      I believe the harware, software and application availability all makes Andriod become more success and Google keep close eye on it as well :)

      WIndows have potential chances to grab some meaningful market. But it will take time:)

      Yes. Thease days work is hectic officially and Indeed 1 post per week itself become big issue.I love to visit your site soon and let’s discuss.

      Thanks for stopping by and leave your comments Friend :)
      Mediacrayon recently posted..Android Tops Ahead On Mobile OS Market For 2013My Profile

  2. Hi Manickam,

    This is a great analysis of facts and stats for the top mobile OS. I do have the Samsung mobile with i’ts Bada OS and one with the Andriod OS. So, I guess, I’m with the leader of the pack, right?

    In any case, I’m just a casual user of smart phones so the OS doesn’t much matter to me neither when I’m using it or buying a smartphone – what I do look at are the apps and features, and the processor speed.

    Thanks for the post, it was very informative. :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted..How to Stop Rushing Through LifeMy Profile

    • Mediacrayon says:

      Hi Harleena,
      Yes. Samsung doing great these days and the Android OS offers better visibility to them to perform very well. Indeed, Most of us are not widely access all features though mobile has on it. :)

      Let’s keep an eye as how Windows going to dominate down the road since one of the hot topic at recent time on mobile OS.

      Thanks for your visit and comment Harleena :)
      Mediacrayon recently posted..Android Tops Ahead On Mobile OS Market For 2013My Profile

  3. Ashvini says:

    Hey Vijay,

    How are you buddy? Long time no see :).

    I loved the article. It is very well analyzed. Here is my take.
    I was always of the opinion that Apple had a very serious threat when Samsung entered the market. Google alone with an OS could not have got the traction that it got without Samsung. Samsung brings an awesome array of marketing and technological tools. The way they killed Sony TV was a good enough sign of how they were going to outgun Apple.
    That is exactly what happened. While Sammy started from capturing the ground with cheaper phones, everyone was laughing on it. They compared Apple’s high end costly phones with cheap ones Sammy was selling and they said it will never catch up. But Samsung is a very patient player. Once they got the pulse of the market they entered the premium market and pushed Apple out of the way. That Apple lost its one of the most prominent General also did not serve its cause. The bad vibe generated out of the lawsuit also turned away many Apple customers. Samsung then concentrated with its full might to mock users of Apple and they created ads just to get the right effect.
    Meanwhile Apple got behind in innovation and one misstep took its shine away. It will be very hard for Apple to win the lost ground as Google and Sammy have moved quite ahead.
    However there is something that might change the equation: Presence of Firefox OS. A lot of people are concerned about privacy and if FF can prove that it provides the privacy that Android cannot , a lot of people will move to it. Also the fact that it has HTML for the interface makes it incredibly easy to create apps for it.
    In the future if FF OS rises, it will take a chunk out of Android. For Apple , it will become a niche product like a erstwhile ruler of the market.
    Sorry for writing so long stuff :).
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    • Hi Ashvini,

      Thanks for your wonderful comment . Been busy past a month and indeed no posting to my site as well. I feel bad about it :(

      However, You points are quite interesting and true. Samsung when they enter, they kept eye on middle segment for initial run and slowly enter into premium class. Absolutely true and this goes to consumer durable products and high tech gadgets as well.

      These days Sam is everywhere and indeed they are doing pretty good job. Price, affordable Product, latest technology and of course wonderful marketing strategy. As we know Apple story is always diff path. From my view, if they haven’t changed their commercialization path and marketing techniques surely going to be very harder phase ahead for them. About Sony.. Yes! They almost gone and completely in this competition.

      I like the your views about FireFox and quite interesting. Of course privacy is main concern and I believe they would come up with novel idea sooner. :)

      Let’s wait and watch. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your terrific comment Ashvini. Let me visit your Blog soon and come up with some posts to my blog as well. :)
      Manickam Vijayabanu recently posted..Intuitive Smart Apps for Andriod and AppleMy Profile

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