Apple Eyes Nifty Metal Technology For Future Products

After IPhone5’s stupendous success (9million!), It looks Apple is more focused to improve its forth coming products. The million dollar question is, when the 4.8in and above series will be launched?! It’s a Long wait!..Right?! Well. Though not specific to display or size, here a small scoop on tech side. Patent Apple, An avid Apple community confirms that, The company had filed 5 new patents where the key technology talks about 3D and Next-gen alloy – Liquid metal!

Did you hear about this alloy ever before? I didn’t for sure!. So, What’s Liquid metal and why Apple senses this alloy as so special? Let’s magnify more! Liquidmetal has been developed by California Institute of Technology (Caltech) back in 2003, and has been marketed by company called- Liquidmetal Technologies. Since from its inception, the alloy has been silently used for various commercial applications like, mobile phones, Watches, sporting equipment’s like ski gears, Tennis racquet, engineering products, medical devices and many more.


If you closely watch IPhone 5S clip, You could notice, Apple voices more about IPhone’s body and exhibits a lot as how they crafted and carved the edges to attain the Phone’s perfect shape and body style. Absolutely True! Technology, Creativity and the metal/or alloy components all speaks here. As you know, there exists a huge fans base just for its metal body. Though I am not possessing now, I truly love the metal surface!

Technically, Liquidmetal is a slow cooling alloy which contain atoms of profoundly different sizes. The alloy often called as Bulk metallic glasses (BMG). Due to this character and also non-crystalline structures, it can be molded more easily than other metals. Still the alloy become more harder while compare other famous alloys like titanium, aluminum or other similar compositions. On engineering side, The Liquidmetal contains high durability, high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, high Breaking strength and so on.

It sounds like, Apple’s technical crew could come up intuitive concepts related to light weight, flexible display, and mm thick body style using this alloy different faces. It could be for IPhone, monitors, Ipad, Mac, keyboards or even for new product series to make use at parts level. Also, The patent sounds, Apple intensely looking 3D print technology for their future products as the Bulk metallic glass can create layer by layer process to create any components or parts. It would be cost effective, unique in design and Improved performance! Let’s wait and watch this space for more updates.

When the passion behind technology never ends, there the real innings starts. After touch screen revolution, it simply keeps us crazy busy and the word “Leisure Time” is almost gone. Just delete from your dictionary. Either you might wait to catch shuttle or at airport lounge, auditorium, Doctor’s office, ticket counter or even at restroom, No matter where ever you are, it simply hold us to look down. Hmm…! However, Future is promising if use it expressively!

Just enjoy the below clip from world famous watch maker Omega and their latest series made by Liquid metal. Simply they are carving!. Wonderful!

Image/Video Credit: Apple, Omega


4 Responses to Apple Eyes Nifty Metal Technology For Future Products

  1. Mayura says:

    Hi Manickam,

    Ha ha… Indeed! Leisure time has been stolen by Technology 😉

    Loved the video! I had no idea about Liquid Metal until you mention it.

    I think Apple fans would love further light-weight devices on their hands for sure. From the Apple’s point of view, it would be a quick but cost effective process as you mentioned.

    Nice to hear they might make use of it on series of their products too. Hardness is a definite advantage. Probably, they might work on more slimmer products in future? :) Looking forward to more updates on this!

    You have a fabulous week there mate!

    Mayura recently posted..How to Set Up Trusted Contacts to Recover Your Facebook AccountMy Profile

    • Hi Mayura,
      Welcome back to Mediacrayon. Indeed, I took a long break due to other commitments. Haha..!True. When I wrote that line about touch screen, I LOL myself :)

      Yes. The Liquid Metal looks very promising and holds unique characteristics. They do great job silently at various spheres as well. Since the alloy features are more encouraging, I believe
      We can expect more companies in their wallet soon as Apple. Let’s wait and see. :)

      Thanks for stopping by and leave the nice comment!. Have a wonderful week end.
      Manickam Vijayabanu recently posted..Apple Eyes Nifty Metal Technology For Future ProductsMy Profile

  2. Liz McGee says:

    Hi Manickam,

    Amazing what we can do with materials and metals these days, and if anyone would pick up on this I’d expect it to be Apple.

    This kind of liquid metal is pliable yet very hard. That’s exactly what our electronics need.

    Thanks for the heads up. This is something to keep an eye out for 😉

    Liz McGee recently posted..Tips For Engaging Your Audience Through Social Media That Work Like CrazyMy Profile

    • MediaCrayon says:

      Hi Liz,
      Welcome to MediaCrayon and happy to see here. Absolutely I echo you there.

      Since the commercial application market is getting bigger every day, product makers often requires to enhance their business with latest techniques. I believe the Liquid alloy looks more promising and it may take the applications to next level.

      Let’s keep an eye and see,how Apple is going to make use of it.:)

      It’s glad to know that you found the info become interesting and useful.

      Happy thanks giving for you and your family :)
      MediaCrayon recently posted..Apple Eyes Nifty Metal Technology For Future ProductsMy Profile

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