YouTube Introduces A New Redesign – One Channel

The term ‘users friendly’ is well deserved for Google and its products as well. In recent times, Google keep focusing and hold an eye to increase its product range and notably most of them are awesome simple, effective and powerful. Now this time for Youtube. Few weeks before Google has released its beta version of new redesigned Youtube called – One channel.

Indeed, There is nothing like astonishing features. But same time, the new features would be more useful for their steady users, small business or social marketing communities. So, what does it offers? If you already hold an account on Google+ you could familiarize with their channel art banner option. It’s kind of a banner on top your home page. Now YouTube channel user could able to add the Channel art banners for their top channels using the new YouTube version. It’s kind of self-representation about your channel.


The interesting part, if your visitor is new to your channel, and if they haven’t yet subscribe to your channel, it plays a trailer/preliminary video to them, which would create some curiosity to your visitors to express, what the channel is all about. This is kind of a virtual visiting card to your channel before the visitor subscribe to your channel. You can also embed a catchy description to each channels along with your blog or website reference when you set it up initially.

One good thing about new re-design, users could able to watch your channels at any screen or devices with same look and design. This goes to any device like PC, mobile, tablet or any desktop. I believe Google had put lot of effort for this feature, since there exists many unhappy users on past where their channels look is not that great on different display devices, and this would be a great news for them. Youtube One Channel calls this feature as “Dress up once, Look good everywhere”.

youtube dressup

To add more, YouTube had given more freedom to channel owners to control their channels like, Customize channels design, Organize the play list, channel layout and access control etc. When you first modify your page you can evidently see the main difference on home page, as the width of the channel page has increased considerably and the banners art would offer better effect to your channels.

Another interesting corner, you can take complete control about your videos and music playlists as how you wish to showcase to your subscribers or audience. Like, The new model offers multiple design templates and layout to ease your channel presentation and you can group and organize it very well as how you need it. I believe, This would surely offer better visibility to your subscribers and visitors, as what to watch since you can highlight your videos and channels with your own presentation. With the new redesign, when subscriber’s click on your channel, could able to see all your channel line ups instead just activity feed.

With millions of subscribers and tremendous videos, music, games and multimedia resources, I believe Google might slowly turn into subscription driven service later, importantly for multimedia and network driven services. Though it might not happen sooner, but still Google might consider along with sizeable free subscription offers down the road. When consider their awesome apps, niche tools and quality service, we can loudly say Google holds all the merits on their wallet. However, let’s enjoy the service.

Ok. It’s your turn now. Just try the new YouTube- One Channel and share your views and thoughts.


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  1. Mayura says:

    Hi Manickam,

    I’ve already switched to new channel layout and missing some features such as featuring videos from playlists 😉

    But the overall experience is great. Didn’t know much about the compatibility with other devices and selecting channel art is confusing as it needs very high resolution (2120 X 1192) image to be used.

    Hope Google will make more changes and offer more features :)

    Mayura recently posted..3 Reasons to Use SlideShare to Promote Your BlogMy Profile

    • Mediacrayon says:

      Hi Mayura,

      Its glad to know you moved to new YouTube Redesign and your found interesting:)
      Since I didn’t move my Channel Art yet to my account, didn’t come across the high resolution issue.
      Thanks for the update.

      Yes. Let’s hope Google might come up with updates soon to fix those corners.Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment mayura. :)
      Mediacrayon recently posted..YouTube Introduces A New Redesign – One ChannelMy Profile

  2. Hi Manickam,

    Sounds interesting indeed! I guess I haven’t really ventured into YouTube much and that’s one area that I need to get into now. With One Channel things seem to get much better – just as you mentioned in the post, especially how you want to showcase your work to your readers or followers.

    I need to bookmark this page and come back to it whenever I get headlong with YouTube. :)

    Thanks for sharing, and have a nice week ahead :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted..14 Ways to Take Care of Elderly PeopleMy Profile

  3. Mediacrayon says:

    Hi Harleena,

    To me, YouTube does great job for product presentation or social marketing as best visual medium to communicate. Either we promote blog, product, Social gather or tech tips. It’s really helps a lot to present our self. :)

    Indeed, I haven’t used YouTube anything in the view of business since I am not in full swing. But sure it’s a best bet. I am glad to you found the info is useful and interesting.

    Thanks for your comments. :)
    Mediacrayon recently posted..YouTube Introduces A New Redesign – One ChannelMy Profile

  4. Adrienne says:

    Hi Manickam,

    I heard about it and was on YouTube yesterday but I have’t switched over only because I just don’t have time right now to mess with figuring this all out now. I did see a video about the changes a few weeks back and it looked cool. Guess I’ll just have to go find some time to play now.

    Thanks for this notice and I guess I better do this soon or they’ll do it for me.

    Adrienne recently posted..Google Is At It AgainMy Profile

  5. Hi Adrienne,
    I am trying to closely follow Google for latest updates as possible.So far it looks cool and may require some more tune ups since Beta. Hopefully they will fix some addressed issues already by users. :)

    Happy to to know that you like the post useful and interesting. Thanks Adrienne. :)
    Manickam Vijayabanu recently posted..YouTube Introduces A New Redesign – One ChannelMy Profile

  6. That was an interesting post Mani. I had not heard about it, and the onechannel from YouTube is new to me. I will surely try it out and see how it might help me, thought I do not use Youtube as a social marketing tool as of now.

    thanks for the share.
    Praveen Rajarao recently posted..A New Xbox Platform on the HorizonMy Profile

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